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Thread: When I turn wifi on, the iPhone reboots continually

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    Default When I turn wifi on, the iPhone reboots continually
    I was wondering if anyone has a fix for this problem. I bought an iPhone that was advertised as having "a no wifi problem". The price was right so I decided to take a chance knowing there were numerous wifi fixes.

    This is a week 30 8GB. I have no idea what has been done before. It was unlocked when I got it. To date I have dome the following:

    Ran iplus 2.0
    Ziphone 2.6
    Pwnage tool

    All these were done in firmware 1.1.4

    The guy I got it from said that only Ziphone was used but given the age of the phone I doubt it.

    Here is the problem:

    It is running perfectly with 1.1.4 and as long as I do not turn on wifi it functions well. As soon as I activate wifi, the phone begins to endlessly re-boot. I do not believe this is the same "endless reboot" that has been addressed before. Even so, I applied that fix and it continually didnt help.

    I am starting to think that this is a hardware issue. My question is this. If it was an issue brought on by some failed unlock attempt in the past, does the ziphone refurbish effectively virginize the phone and if not, does anyone think that should be tried?

    If anyone has a suggestion that fixes this problem, I will PayPal them some cash for their trouble.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have the exact same problem. my iPhone was first unlocked wih ziphone, though I have since used bootneuter and switched to a 4.6 unlock.Nothing I do seems to help with this problem, and I bought my phone fresh from the apple store. Wi-fi worked fine for about a month, then suddenly it started freezing and rebooting whenever it tried to connect to a network. I've tried everything, but nothing seems to help. I think it might be a baseband issue, but I'm pretty sure bootneuter just modifies the portion of the baseband it cares about. how can I get back to a completely stock baseband?

    Also, I never failed to unlock it. And since nobody who hasn't unlocked their iPhone is having this trouble, Im pretty sure its software or firmware. Also, I should have noted that with bootloader 3.9 the phone would reboot the moment wifi was turned on. by upgrading to 4.6 it became more stable, but not much. So, taylorcold, I would recommend upgrading to 4.6, if only so that you can get out of the reboot cycle by getting out of wifi range when you get the inexplicable urge to turn it on.

    Well, I was surfing around, and I seem to have solved this problem. It's fairly obvious once you think about it.
    This worked for me:
    use BootNeuter to get to an unlocked, neutered 4.6 baseband - It's in BigBoss' repository
    Put your iPhone into a hardware DFU mode. - good tutorial on how to do that here: [ame=""]YouTube - How to put your iPhone in DFU mode[/ame]
    Restore from a proper apple firmware. (ie dont shift click) - self explanitory
    Use winpwn to re-jailbreak and activate - Download it here:

    NOTE: this was all on a 1.1.4 firmware
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