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Thread: YouTube 1.1.1

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    Worked, but using cyberduck !

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    winscp does not work for me I think it is the firewall in the router any other way to connect to the iphone?

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    Finally got youtube working...

    First of all here are some helpful links, even if they are redundant or if you have already seen them its help for some noobs..

    Make sure you rename to lockdown.back, thats right drop the d at the end of lockdownd so that it becomes lockdown.back. Then copy the three files (data_ark.plist, device_private_key.pem, device_public_key.pem) to var/root/library/lockdown and create an empty activations_records folder and delete everyting inside the pair_records folder.

    I had every problem mentioned in this thread so far and this is the only combination that worked for me so do it exactly this way.

    Also I used cyberduck and mobilefinder to help get the files on...

    WinSCP seems to be the most popular, I use a mac so I cant say first hand.. You can find it here..
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    I finally got mine working too. 1.0.2 I used WinSCP, (connected via OpenSSH) used Parcay and then upgraded my springboard app firmware. ALL this finally to get awesome youtube videos working. SEARCH LEOROY JeNKINS

    oh feeel free to PM me if you have 1.0.2 and youtube doesnt work i'll let you know how i did it
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    i also have 1.0.2 on my unlocked iphone and i am using a mac youtube does not want to connect HELP!!!!

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    Default Thanks a lot!
    Quote Originally Posted by hellbone View Post
    For those reporting missing the activation_records folder...I was also missing it and first tried the steps above but it didn't work. So here's what worked for me:

    1. Connect to your iPhone via WinSCP.
    2. By default, you'll be in the /var/root folder. I think this is where the problem lies. There is a Library/Lockdown folder in here as well, but this is not the one you want to copy the three files into.

    So do this: In WinSCP, go to the very root folder "/ <root>". Then navigate to private/var/root/Library/Lockdown. Copy the three files in this folder and replace the existing ones.

    Here you should have an activation_records folder, but it may be empty. If you don't have an activations_records folder, create an empty "activations_records" folder.

    Go into the "pair_records" folder and delete whatever files are in there.

    Reboot the iPhone. YouTube should now work.
    Unlock iPhone successful!! thanks modmyi!!

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    Exclamation add an little "s". thats it.
    @ hellbone

    SURE, IT WORKS!... but there is a little prob on your confirmation:

    at the begining you wrote: "activation_records" and latter you wrote: "activations_records". i think this is the prob with most of us. that little "s"

    so, again: "activations_records"!!!



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    ahhhh please help! i deleted those three files and then my phone got deactivated. I saved the three files on my desktop and put them back into the pair_records and it reactivated but now my phone is incredibly slow to do anything. it takes at least five seconds to go from any application back to the homescreen! Any idea guys? please help! Thank YOU

    edit: The files that i copied and added back are now quicktime preference files? Please help me guys! Thanks again
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