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Thread: HidePod

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    Default HidePod
    Has anyone seen or used this app? Couldn't find anything with a search.

    It lets you hide "media" behind your calculator. You can enter a password to access. Looks pretty cool, but wanted some opinions before installing. Thanks!

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    It basically hides your videos (synced with itunes) and applications (like poof). It has a calculator icon. When you tap the calculator icon, you are presented with a calculator where you can enter your password (numbers only). When pass is accepted, you can view the videos and launch applications you've hidden.

    In the few minutes I've tried it, I'd say boring....

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    Thanks for the feedback!!!

    Does the calculator work, of is it just a field for the password?

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    of course it works!

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    This app is great,

    shame you have to pay for the full version though

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    I wish there was a trial...
    I need an app like this to stop nosy people...


    o nvm, i found it in installer
    It's not really hiding for me? Do I have to register to work?
    Is this like customize hiding?
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    How much does it cost, do you know?

    Nevermind... it's $9.99

    To get the full version you have to register your serial number. Should I be concerned about that...?
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    Does not remove it from your regular video list & videos don't play from hidden area.
    I am glad I didnt pay for it.
    Good idea though.

    They should work on hiding documents next, in case you lose your phone.

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    I'm not sure what the point of hiding a video that you CAN'T play is? I bought it to test and I gotta say I ain't too happy right now. I bought this on the strength of Bigboss, I hope he can work his usual magic.

    *******edit******** just installed an update and it works flawlessly. I just have to reskin the calc and the splash screen. Saweeet. To hide vids add to hidepod and delete from itunes (on phone) and vid is hidded or add to hidepod and unsync vid to hide. I was using swaptunes to do this. It's nice to do it with a multifunctional app.
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    Default HidePod Fix
    I changed permissions to the following files

    cd /Applications
    cd bin
    chmod +x cp
    chmod +x mv

    and no I reskinned the app so it looks IDENTICAL to the calculator
    and moving videos works great...

    it looks like it was an oversite
    I'd imagine that they should have a repackaged version with this fix

    Mega cool app....

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    so what did this do for you? explain plxz

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    After "hiding" a video it still shows up under the videos in the ipod? Am i missing something?

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    if you do the commands posted above, just unsync the video from itunes, and it will no longer show up in your video player.. BUT will continue to be in your hidepod app...

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    does anybody know how to crack this app so you don't have to pay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bconnor View Post
    does anybody know how to crack this app so you don't have to pay?
    if u really want it, pay for it...
    if u want it wthout paying, build one urself...

    it takes time and nerves to program and if th developer doesnt wanna give it to u for free, than its his right.. ><

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    just bought this app, input registration code and it dosent work, it just sends to the homepage again and again it never says registered, please help
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    try setting the permissons of the program to 755

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    where can i find the file at in winscp...thanks

    found it.. it is already set 0755
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    are you typing in the code in the correct case

    also kinda off topic but how many digits is your code?

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    Default help on chmod'ing
    I was checking out this fix itouchhak0r mentioned and I cant seem to get it to work. I use cyberduck to login and set permissions but not sure how to actually +x once I get to the "cp" and "mv" files. :*(

    I tried setting them both to 777 but I tried to hide a few videos and they do play in the fake calculator app just fine, but they still arent being hidden from the actual ipod app.

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