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Thread: HidePod

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    the dont disapear from the actual ipod app

    if you want them to disappear hide them, unsync the video through itunes, then it will be gone from itunes but still in hidepod

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    Thanks deck! that worked.

    now I will get this app for sure, I made a new splash screen and thought I would share.

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    If you get the app can you tell me how many digits the invite code is please

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    Did you get it to register? If not, take another look at the email they sent you. You have to scroll down and find the code that corresponds to your serial number. (took me a few times to realize that.)

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    HidePod has been updated/fixed...
    The app works great...def worth 10 bucks!

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    before buying this.. .i would love to hear from ya who has it already. Can you get rid of the media files u put into hidepod (after u unsync it from itunes so it doesnt show up on ipod)?

    I am worried that i wont be able to get rid of things i got into hidepod.

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    I bought it and think it's pretty slick.

    Yes, you can delete the files from HidePod. When viewing the menu of videos, there's an "edit" button in the upper right-hand corner. Press that and it lets you select the video to be deleted.

    This app also lets you hide other apps. So if you have SwapPhoto or Poof, you can hide those icons.

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    Makes calculating taxes almost bearable

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    how do you hide apps?


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    Here's a link to a youTube video that demo's it.

    [ame=""]YouTube - HidePod[/ame]


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    -open the hidepod apps..
    -click on the application button...
    -as you can see there's a HIDE button at the upper right corner of the screen(click on that)
    -then click on the application that you want to hide...(after clicking you should see a mask icon next to it. (opera mask)
    -and thats it.. when you go back to the main menu.. your selected app is not there anymore..

    anyone of you guy having a problem with unistalling HIDEPODE?

    is it listed in your uninstall menu?

    my one is not there...
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    Just checked, it's listed on my uninstall menu under the Utilities section.

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    I deffinately like this app, just not sure if it is worth $10 yet, maybe if there are a few more features added, like hide sms or calls or numbers.

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    The hidden videos don't appear to bookmark my place in a movie. When opening the movie the 2nd time, the movie starts over from the beginning. This is tested with the unregistered version. Does the same thing happen with the register version? Can you resume watching a movie or video from the last location with the registered version?

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    When I removed this app from installer it took my real calculator with it. Anyone else have this happen? So now I have no calculator.
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    There is an option that says, use the real calculator. I turned this off before unistalling and my calculator remained, maybe that is the trick.

    Am I missing something or is there no way to unhide the videos? The only option I saw was to delete the videos from the hidden state and them resync them to get them back.

    Provide the ability to continue where I left off in my video and the ability to unhide (not delete) videos and the $9.99 is worth it.

    Keep working with this great app.

    Carl Brooks
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    do you have to jail break your iPod to use the app

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    you have to jailbreak your iphone/itouch to use any application
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    I am giving away this app for free at my blog. Just pm me for a link to my blog if you need the free license. It's completely legit. Just 4 days to go. There will be a random winner so just comment anything in the giveaway post to get it .
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