I receive a server not found when setting up mywi on demand between my iphone5 and ipad2. I can reverse the client and server and connect my ipad2 to my iPhone 5 without a problem. I also tried to set up on demand between combinations of my iPad 1 and iphone4s. Every other device works fine in and client server configuration EXCEPT iPhone5 to ipad2. Intelliborn seems to deny that's there is a problem because the person who email me back said "they have the same devices and it worked for them. "

Well it doesn't work for me, they never request logs from me or suggest anything other then resetting to default settings turning off wifi and trying to connect with regular tethering before configuring on demand.

I have restored both devices as new, jailbroke, then only installed mywi and received the same error. I'm very disappointed with intelliborn, and as of today intelliborn has not even posted a single update or statement on twitter for almost 3 weeks. I wonder what is going on.