The reason i bought OnDemand was because i like to stream the audio from my movies on my iPad through airplay to my iPhone using AirFloat when i run on the treadmill (my work around of not buying bluetooth headphones) but my modem is a bit far from my treadmill and the audio skips as it has to travel to the modem and back to my phone so i figured with MyWi i could have my iPad connect to the internet and tether my iPhone to my iPad so the audio travels directly between them.

The problem i have encountered is that my iPhone will not receive the signal from my iPad. It says "internet connection already available" even though i forgot all networks and turned off cellular data. I tried also tried making the iPhone the server and the iPad the client but I got the same result.

Then I tried simply creating a hotspot from my iPad but the iPad keeps joining the network it creates and disconnects form the internet. When I create a hotspot from my iPhone it works perfectly but my iPhone can't be the device that shares the internet because then i can't access my local videos on my iPad.

So I guess I would like to know if OnDemand can work for my purposes and what I'm experiencing is just a bug. If not is there a way to make the iPad stop connecting to the network it creates. Or is there a way to do a bluetooth tether from my iPad to my iPhone (which is what I thought OnDemand was).

This all seems terribly complicated for a simple thing but it 's the best idea i've got.

Alternatively, is there any app that can turn the iPhone into a bluetooth audio receiver?