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Thread: Mywi Testing--which JB?

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    Default Mywi Testing--which JB?
    I have read through all of the comments regarding mywi glitches and failures. Does anyone test the current version of Mywi on various JB iphones? There are always a few programs that claim to JB each version of does anyone test each JB program? If I were to acquire an iPhone 4 with 4.1, the first thing I would do is backup the SHSH. Then I would JB with one of the programs. Then I would install the current version of Mywi and test it extensively. Incidentally, these are the procedures I did with my 3gs 3.1.3. There was no sense in entering a ton of apps and my contacts without ensuring that mywi would work. There seems to be too much trial and error.

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    My tests were done on redsnow (newest) IOS 4.1 with multi and wallpapers on.
    I recently redid my phone and have YET to open cydia at all and it works fine (kid of pisses me off apple left out these 2 features for 3g when its obvious it can handle it.... but then they woudl not get those upgrade numbers; i hate jobs!)
    My next test (after a week or so) will be opening and updating cydia then checking.
    Though i did do this before. I ran my phone for about 4 or 5 days with just cydia and no apps installed fine while i tried to figure out how to transfer my mywi purchase from rock. literally the first time i activated mywi and shut it off my phone went to ****. not blaming mywi cause i love the app, but it is what it is. they will get a fix soon.

    I tried having my buddy use snowbreeze and pwnage on his mac then give me the firmware it created but it never worked for me.
    never tried the windows version of snowbreeze nor limerain
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    Your report is interesting. The problem may be the iOS version or the JB program. I do not know of the iphone 4 hardware is any different than earlier versions. I have been told that 3.1.3 is probably the most stable and tested iOS to date. I never had any problems with Cydia, but I really never used the app to download anything--free or otherwise. I used spirit to JB. The cydia and Rock app came up with no problem. Tried the trial mywi for a while and then bought it from Rock. I have since upgraded mywi through cydia without incident. We need to find someone who has successfully JB their iPhone 4 with 4.1 and who has successfully installed and used mywi without incident. Once that is found, all of us just need to copy the procedure. I have no intention of upgrading my 3.1.3 3gs until the day comes where I have to. If someone has time, they should try all of the JB programs available on their iPhone 4--then try mywi..There has got to be someone savvy enough to do this.

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