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Thread: How to buy mywi with Cydia?

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    Default How to buy mywi with Cydia?
    I would like to purchase a license for mywi as my trial has expired. However when I click purchase it brings me to Cydia and I do not see an option to buy just the standard "modify" with reinstall/remove. How do I get a license now as rock is gone?

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    This is how it worked for me.
    I had to still download rock app. even though the app has nothing in it cydia did not bring up any cydia store functions until after i downloaded rock. once i did that and went to purchase some new buttons for the store popped up and let me transfer my liscence over.

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    thanks. I tried this and I do not have new buttons in cydia. I go to either mywi or rock and click on purchase mywi I am brought to cydia mywi app and still have the modify button and the rest I the same with no option to actually buy I first installed mywi before rock was acquired and created a account but not used it up until now - not sure if this makes any difference.

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    did you scroll half way down the cydia page? there should be some yellow buttons there now.
    Try uninstalling mywi first and then go to the cydia and create a store login.
    Let me warn you though i just created a post on glitches with 4+ and mywi.

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    How do you create a cydia login? My cydia does not have such option and do not see yellow buttons ...

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    uninstall the mywi app

    install rock, and then go back to cydia

    On the MAIN page of cydia you should see a mywi button, click that.
    Then scroll half way down the page (more or less) and there should be some yellow buttons. Sorry brother but i dont remember what they say. i used the one that let me port my rock login to cydia because i bought it pre merger. If thats what you did you will have to go the same route. i remember easily being able to tell what to hit tho.

    i know how you feel it took me like a week to figure it out, cydia is not very dumb user friendly so i spent a few night crying naked in the corner until i found this out. google was no help on this situation.

    if your still having problems restore your phone and DO NOT install mywi. go cydia - rock - then back to cydia and install mywi with the yellow buttons.

    For my own paranoia i also ONLY run cydia after turning off phone data and being on my wifi connection. I truly think att and apple screw with yoru phone during the process if data is turned on. Everytime i run cydia with data on some package gets screwed or i lose some source links. ever since i started only starting cydia without data on it works fast and much cleaner.

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    Wait a while for it to finish loading and u should see somewhere on the page where it says "commercial package $19.99" click that

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    I figure out the problem - a while back I disabled ads in cydia by editing package.js. I changed it back and was able to see the yellow button and follow the purchasing procedure. Thank you for your help.

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    hey let me know how it works for you. check out my post about the glitches i was experiencing. maybe we can figure out some work arounds

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    Bought My3G today through Cydia, this is my first Cydia purchase,
    how long does it take to activate my purchase?
    When reinstall the software, Purchased License was not updated.


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    Default How to buy mywi with Cydia? DDDDONT!!
    i bought it yesterday and i have not bn able to make it work my iphone keeps on going to safe mode ..i tried everything
    HOPE MODMYI..helps out cause this is bull

    ***am talking about MYWY 4.0******* plz help

    Quote Originally Posted by Waleed786 View Post
    Wait a while for it to finish loading and u should see somewhere on the page where it says "commercial package $19.99" click that
    i bought it but it just jumps into safe mode
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