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Thread: MyWi messes with WiFi

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    Default MyWi messes with WiFi
    Downloaded the 4.3.4 trial on my iOS4 3GS and and got it working fine with both my Laptop and iPad. However, when I traveled this past week, I noticed that my phone will no longer connect to Free WiFi Hotspots that require log-in. Not the Hotspots that redirect to a web-page, but the ones that launch a pop-over when connected. The phone claims it's connected, but the pop-over never appears and then the WiFi connection fails and it reverts back to 3G or worse, Edge. I can confirm the Hotspot is fine because my wife's 3GS connects just fine, gets the connection pop-over and then maintains a WiFi connection.

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    Hello i have a iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0.1. Since i jailbrake it i installed Mywi app and it works good over USB mode but i cannot get it to work vía wifi. Each time i tried it said "stopping mywi or wifi off or wifi not connected" i also reinstalled the app but still the same.Anyone having the same problem?

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    fer123nan, go to settings and reset your network settings...that should do the trick

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    I did it but still the same. It says "stopping mywi" and then "wifi not connected". But thanks anyway.

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    Anyone else notice that you can no longer join public Wi-Fi hotspots that use pop-over's to "authenticate" your device? Was just at Panera yesterday and had the issue again. iPad connected and displayed pop-over, iPhone with MyWi did not.

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    Default Regarding MyWi...
    If you ask me MyWi, is entirely too slow for me!! Ever since iTether dropped annnnnnnnd I'm on Tmobile and installed TetherMe for us non AT&T users, I haven't looked back!! I'm running ios4 on my 3GS with iTether and absolutely love the connect over Bluetooth...Give it a try!!
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    Mine is working fine. Never had any problems. It always connects to known networks. Maybe just download the mywi 4.0 trial and extend the trial for around 4000 days. Takes 5 mins. Real easy. Just msg me for the source. Or if I get a chance I will post

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    I have exectly the same problem than DVDBob : after installing mywi I can't access to wifi hotspot with authentification. iPhone properly join hotspot and ask me for credential then say that i'm connected but wifi icon don't appear and i am still in 3G
    Without mywi installed this hotspot just work fine!!
    Any idears? I have already reset network connexion . After installing mywi i have to reset factory my iphone4 to havé access to wifi hotspot
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