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Thread: MyWi 4.0, USB tethering has DNS issue?

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    Default MyWi 4.0, USB tethering has DNS issue?

    jailbroke my iPhone 4 today with the express intent of installing MyWi, which works really well for sharing my 3G connection across various devices. However, I got stuck initially with the separate functionality of sharing WiFi over USB, and have now got it working but only up to a point. What I find is that while my Mac indicates that 'iPhone USB is currently active and has the IP address' and that I can ping the iPhone which is on, I only have outward IP connectivity via numerical IP. In other words, browsing to will give me the Google homepage, but browsing to gives me an error.

    I don't appear to have any option on the Mac to override, for the iPhone USB connection, the DNS settings provided by the iPhone itself over USB, so I think I'm stuck and can't see how this can be anything other than a bug in MyWi.

    I'd be interested to hear whether anyone agrees with me, or has a workaround, or can point out if I'm doing anything wrong. Many thanks!
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    I have the same problem on a Windows PC. MyWi is setting DNS to where the heck it got that from I don't know. I manually changed it to on the PC.... using a static IP of and gateway of That works so so obviously MyWi is screwed up. Mine won't even work right via WiFi. Have the same DNS issue.Worse the setup screen for WiFi tether says it will be using DHCP addresses that end in .0.... well it actually uses .1 (eg, But even with manually setting IP I can't get it to work with WiFi.


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    I can now report this is working OK. I am typing this on my MacBook on which the only active network interface is the USB connection to iPhone (which is on my wireless network!). I downloaded the MyWi update to v4.4 the other day, so I presume the DNS fix made it in to that version. Hurrah!

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