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Thread: mywi 4.0 usage and phone bill question?

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    Default mywi 4.0 usage and phone bill question?

    I am previous owner of mywi 3.x. I used it exclusively on my jailbroken iphone 3g. I ebayed my iphone 3g just before I got an iphone 4 a month ago.

    I just jailbroke my iphone 4 yesterday and paid the upgrade price of mywi 4 but haven't tried it out.

    I was wondering (now that it has been a month), has anyone gotten their first phone (ATT) since using mywi 4? Can ATT truly not tell that tethering is being used with mywi 4?

    I have an unlimited data plan and I wasn't sure how it all works when mywi 4 is used.


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    you can download an app from the app store called at&t my wireless with this you can monitor and look at all the data usage as you aquire it through out the month. minutes and texts as well

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    I bet ATT can tell you are using Tethering as when you browse the net on your PC, your OS + browser info will be sent out and ATT can track it if they want. The question would be do they care and monitor this ? I dont know the answer and need to know myself.

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