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Thread: Weirdest MyWi bug EVER

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    Default Weirdest MyWi bug EVER
    Hi friends. Here's my problem - today I was in my dad's car, and he has one of those aircards (you know, to give laptops 3G connectivity), and I had my iPad with me. I decided to create an ad-hoc network on his laptop, so I could browse the web with my wifi iPad.

    After some time the network (named "Car Wifi") stopped working so I deleted it and created it again, just the way it was before. My iPad would connect, but there would be no transfer. I thought it was weird.

    (The whole time, my iPhone was in my pocket)

    I noticed later during the day that other wifi devices near my iPhone would see "Car Wifi". It appears that the iPhone "retained" that SSID somehow, and is broadcasting even when MyWi is off. You can connect to it, but there's no data transfer. The weirdest thing is that MyWi isn't even on, so evidently something was done to the phone in another level.

    Do you guys have ANY idea what's going on? I'd email the developers but I couldn't find their email.

    I have an iPhone 3GS 16gb with the latest version of MyWi (I installed it two days ago). My firmware is 3.1.3 and I jailbroke using spirit. Uninstalling MyWi and installing it again didn't help.

    Thanks a lot, guys.

    Edit: hmm, it appears the bug was solved in the first reinstall. "Car wifi" still showed up on my computer, leading me to think the problem persisted, but that's because it "remembered" the SSID from before, I guess. Afterwards I tested with several wifi devices in my house (PSP, another iPhone, an iPod touch, an iPad) and "Car Wifi" doesn't show up anymore.
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    It's not a bug as much as a side effect of using ad-hoc networking (as opposed to infrastructure networking). Any device which joins an ad-hoc network has a stake in the ownership and will broadcast the SSID. You will need to disconnect every device that was a member before the SSID stops being broadcast.

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