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Thread: iOS 4 and MyWi on iPhone 4

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    Default iOS 4 and MyWi on iPhone 4
    Does anyone know if the developers of MyWi are working on it for iOS 4 and iPhone 4? I really want that and I'd probably even pay $5 more to upgrade, even though I just paid the $9.99 last month. I'm hooked!

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    At the moment, it's broke. I'm sure they'll post a iOS4 compatible version.

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    I'd give it a couple weeks after iOS4 is officially released.

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    +1 on when this will be available for iPhone 4 as I too plan on buying the new iPhone but hope that MyWi will work for the new OS. Also how will it be effected now that AT&T has a tethering option?

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    MyWi should not require an AT&T tethering plan. While MyWi does use some of the built in tethering functions, the official tethering will not support WiFi. MyWi is still needed for this function. I suppose if you want take the ethical high ground you could pay for the official tethering, but in addition to the $20 tethering charge you will also be forced to use the capped 2GB data plan. Sine MyWi shouldn't require a tethering plan, you can keep your unlimited (5GB soft cap) plan.

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    I have no plans of changing to one of those ridiculous plans, I just hope that the app is updated soon.

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    It will be done shortly after iPhone 4 jailbreak is released

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    I installed MyWi and did just as instructed. I have Iphone3GS 3.12 and a 16 GB Ipad wi-fi only. I barely get a little notch of a signal and can not connect using 3g network, Ist there a difference in the trial and the purchased version of MyWi?

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    Default Great news
    @StealthBravo - this note coming from my iPad via MyWi now, on my 3.1.3 3G. Great news. I'll be anxiously waiting!

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    Default Well drat
    For some reason this was the one app I forgot to check on before bumping to iOS4. If anyone hears news or tell of a beta/alpha/hope and a prayer...well fingers crossed. My iPad is now stranded without it

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    Thanks for the info. I also was wondering how ios4 and the implementation of tethering into the new OS would effect mywi and simply the need for it anymore. I'm going on vacation for 3 weeks effective the 4th of July and will need the ability to get online via mywi occasionally. I was thinking of maybe trying to buy a iphone4 before I left if I could find one, or at the very least updating OS on my 3G to ios4. But think I'll hold off on both till I get back into town. Figure I-phones should be a little easier to find by then and the new OS will be jailbroken and bugs worked out.

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    Anyone know any current news on this topic? Like can we hear anything from the creators of MyWi themselves? or at least someone who actually knows whats going on with this, any update?
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    When last I checked the Spirit Jailbreak did work for iOS 4, but MyWi did not. I'll be keeping my eye out for the updates to MyWi as my iPad is lonely without it.

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    What versions of MyWi aren't working/have been checked?

    It's interesting to notice that Intelliborn is listed as the support site but their web site doesn't list it as one of their products?

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    MyWi kept my springboard in "safe mode" thanks to MobileSubstrate.

    My thoughts are that the new ios4 springboard has a lot of changes to it's code with the backgrounds and folders. Part of this could be how the tethering notification (blue pulsing bar that will appear at the top of the screen) is handled. If MyWi is trying to call this and it doesn't exist, or something to that nature, it crashes springboard.

    Also the tethering engine has been updated to allow for paid tethering support so companies like AT&T can charge an extra $20 a month to enable native tethering via USB all by using ios4 itself.

    PDANet works and I'm using that for now. It's not as nice because you have to create an ad-hoc network on the laptop/ipad/wifi device first, then have PDANet join it. I'd rather have a pocket hotspot.

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    Looks like this is coming soon. I saw some news [ame="]Does mywi work on 4.0? - Mac Forums"]here[/ame]

    MyWi for OS4 will be ready soon. It's in test now.

    Yes, there will be a smaller upgrade fee if you already purchased and
    our server/database will know clearly whether you are a current license
    holder or not when processing the upgrade.

    Keep in mind that the jailbreak for the actual iPhone4 is not available
    and I have no idea whether it will be a week or months.

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    The jailbreaks (Pwnage Tool and Redsnow) are both in the open and have been “officially” released. How long on MyWi? It is the only remaining piece that is keeping me at 3.1.3 and away from a new iPhone 4.

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    jwlussow - the jailbreaks out right now aren't for the iPhone 4...they are for iOS 4. Hopefully geohot releases his jailbreak for the iPhone 4 soon.

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    Awesome, glad they responded. I sure hope that means the non-Rock version will come out in tandem.

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