I just purchased a copy of mywi, WiFi hotspot works great.

But... there's the thing. Now when I tether over USB, I get the special MyWi tethering bar which shows upload and download. Both remain at 0 at all times.

I don't like this. My tethering was just fine before I installed MyWi, it's officially enabled by the carrier here in Thailand, and it works fantastically well. So I would like MyWi to please leave that alone.

Is there an option to do that? Will this go away when I uninstall MyWi - will it leave my system clean like it was before or will there be some leftovers?

As it is it seems MyWi installed itself somewhere in the tethering system. I am sure MyWi is great software and all but I also really like software that I have turned off to remain off until I turn it on again.

Can you please make this more clean? I think it's good MyWi can enable tethering on phones where the carrier doesn't allow it. But I'd like MyWi to leave tethering alone where it's already working.

Last not least, the non-working upload/download indicator looks bad.