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Thread: MyWi, location awareness and GPS

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    Default MyWi, location awareness and GPS
    Okay, so I've been tethering my non-3G iPad to my iPhone 3GS for basic low-traffic usage and it works great. I've even noticed that the iPad's location awareness sometimes places me fairly close to my real location.

    I understand that Apple uses Skyhook for WiFi location awareness, which uses a MAC-based location database and other factors to determine location. How does this work in a MyWi scenario? Since the iPad is tethered to an iPhone by WiFi, which is connected to the world by 3G, what is the basis of the location? Is it using the registered location of the 3G cell tower? The iPad's WiFi has a MAC address, the iPhone has two MACs for WiFi and 3G, and the cell tower has one if not several MACs. When moving around, the iPad seems to stick to one location for a while, then change to another, which supports the cell tower theory. (Of course, another reasonable explanation for this is that the iPad does not update its location regularly when on WiFi, since most access points stay in one place.)

    Ideally, a tethered iPad should behave exactly like a 3G iPhone for location awareness. In most situations involving A-GPS, the iPhone itself should have a much better idea of its location than the Skyhook WiFi location method. Is there a way to have MiWi share the iPhone's realtime location data with the iPad and other tethered location-aware devices?

    What is the location request mechanism? Is the location request a synchronous request/response call to a certain Web service or other HTTP/TCP-based resource, provided by Skyhook or Apple or some other host/proxy? If so, MyWi's NAT could intercept the request call and reply with the iPhone's own location instead. Is there such a thing as a DHCP request to return a preconfigured or deterministic location value from a router or other DHCP server? If so, that could be provided easily by MyWi's built-in DHCP server. Lastly, the iPad or client device could be jailbroken and modded to use a different location request, but the earlier options seem better and more open-ended, since only the iPhone would require modification.

    It seems there are ways for MyWi to give the iPad (and other tethered location-aware devices) a true GPS feel. In fact, MyWi could even be extended to pair with a Bluetooth differential GPSr and provide that location information to requesting clients.

    Anyway, my thoughts are clearly half-baked on this subject, but I am curious about what is possible, as this could be a big benefit for MyWi.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Hi dkallan,

    An interesting post. I am yet to get an iPad as they are not yet out in the UK, though I am interested to understand if you can fully share the gps from an iPhone to a wi-fi iPad. Either using mi-wi or another application.

    if you find out any more please let me know.


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    It's certainly possible, as the mifi devices can do it. No idea how, but I'd love for mywi to support those features as well. IPhone tethered to a wifi iPad should be just like a 3G iPad.

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    as for me, I prefer Protemac meter for monitoring traffic

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    I've been wondering the exact same thing as OP. I love my iPad other than I tether all the time because I have one with wifi issues. But I don't want to digress into that mess...

    I mainly want it for the car, especially if the next update fixes the wifi issues so skyhook would be fine for wifi networks, so I've been playing around with the idea of buying a bluetooth GPS receiver and using a JB app I saw in Cydia (BTstacks maybe? I don't remember its name). The receiver is like $60 and would be left on and plugged to my car battery all the time. That's not obviously not ideal. Were MyWi capable of this, it would be an incredible improvement.

    Another way I thought it could potentially be done is to have an additional background process that constantly transmits the location to the other device (such as the method discussed above).

    My final thought on the way this could be done, and most inelegant, is for the iPad to use the location sent out by the Google Latitude JB app (Longitude?) as its own location.

    I'm not a programmer so I have no idea if either of these are realistic or worthwhile. My hesitation with either is that they likely wouldn't update often/fast enough to be useful while driving.

    Until someone better capable of this takes care of the problem, I'm jealous of the iPad 3g owners, even though I wouldn't have paid for internet service.

    If anyone has any thoughts on how these could or couldn't work I'd love to hear why.


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