Have been trying mywi over the last few days and have noticed some issues. After installing the rock extensions and mywi, my iphone has started to exhibit strange behavior. Primarily, it will stop charging even while plugged into either a usb port or a wall socket. Sometimes I can unplug and re-plug back in and it will start charging for a while, but then it stops again after a while. The iphone becomes extremely hot while using mywi. Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

Note that even after disabling mywi/rock extensions, the charging problem appears. I have to disable mywi and the extensions, then power cycle the iphone, before it will start charging normally again.

I am using a registered (paid for) mywi, jailbroken iphone 3.0. Mywi works great, by the way, except for the heat/charging issues I am seeing.