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Thread: MyWi does not shut off.

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    Default MyWi does not shut off.
    Sometimes even when shutting the MyWi off it continues to broadcast the Wifi signal.
    Sometimes it says it is on when it is not. Reboots are necessary.
    Hope these issues are fixed soon.

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    dont waste monry blindly....
    try the free demo dan if u like u may go 4 it...
    its in stil beta phase will be fixed in next release

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    Mine has the same problem. I turn the wifi tethering off, kill the app using sbsettings, restart my phone, etc. No matter what when I look for wireless networks on my laptop "iPhone hotspot" and "iPhone hotspot 2" are both there. I would like to know how to fix this or when an update will fix it. I love the app and use it frequently in the car but would like to completely turn off the app when not in use.

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    Mine will turn off the WiFi router functionality without a problem but then it turns on my WiFi client with some sort of keep alive. I noticed my battery was about dead at the end of the day. Then I noticed my WiFi is on nonstop. Normally your WiFi will turn off after the phone is turned off for a minute or so.

    To clarify, I am not talking about the broadcast staying on. I am just talking about the standard WiFi access. I uninstalled MiWi and now my WiFi is sleeping again and battery life is back.

    I really love this application other wise and would love to buy it but this bug is a deal breaker for me.

    My guess is MiWi has a keep alive built in to keep the WiFi on when the phone is off when MiWi is enabled. But this keep alive should be disabled when you aren't using MiWi.

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    I've uninstalled this app, but it's still broadcasting my iphone hotspot. Is there a folder I need to wipe out by SSH? Any help would be seriously appreciated! I've re-installed, turned it on, and off again, and uninstalled. Still remains.. I'm out of ideas!

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    I, too, have uninstalled mywi and find that it is still broadcasting two no-signal networks that my laptop detects.. Anyone has a clue how to get rid of these? I fear it drains battery and is a security threat.


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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default MyWi Teathering
    Gents, I tried the cracked version and never got it to establish a wifi hotspot. Then I purchased the original version from Rock and it works great although I have the same problem where after i turn off the WiFi tethering it remains to broadcast the hotspot. The only way I could get it to turn off was to reboot the phone. Respring had no effect. So, the app works really good for the most part, it's just that you have to reboot to get it to disable. I didn't see a way to contact the developer on the Rock website. They only list a review for posting and I'm not sure how timely the developer is on reading and fixing problems with their app. It's still a great app though as my daughter connects to my hotspot with her ipod when I'm out on the road via my 3G.

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