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Thread: 3GS seems to be charging with MyWi WiFi Tethering

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    Default 3GS seems to be charging with MyWi WiFi Tethering
    MyWi seems to work great using my MacBook Pro (not the unibody case) in OSX Leopard or in Bootcamp XP. Wifi tethering works it great on both operating systems, but I was in the Mall today and noticed that when iPhone signal was at about 2 bars the MyWi would not work. This may be a reason why some can't seem to get MyWi to work; though they can make calls out the Wifi will not work. This is just a hunch.

    ...but an interesting and possibly exciting thing happened today.

    I just purchased a Mophie Juice pack air case for my 3GS, because the Apple staff guy in the store said it was compatible. This evening I disconnected the iPhone from the case so I could recharge both separately. I plugged in the mophie case and it began charging. I noticed something odd about the iPhone however; before I plugged into the laptop I plugged the USB chord cable adapter into the iPhone first, which was off, and it turned back on. I don't remember that ever happening; maybe I never noticed. Next I plugged the other end of the USB chord into the laptop and the phone began charging. Since I had about 2/3 charge on it already, I turned on MyFi expecting the phone to lose charge over time. Well that does not seem to be happening. Looks like I now have a phone that can be left in WiFi mode permanently without losing a charge; in fact it looks as though it is charging. I will report back later when I am sure no other problems, but yeah, just now I unplugged the iPhone end of the chord and notice the charging bar is almost full; the iPhone 3GS is definitely charging. And I just checked to make sure the iPhone is tethering wirelessly and not in the USB mode by booting up my old 17" Powerbook, and yes it is using the MyWi signal for the internet. Cool! I should add my laptop is in OSX Leopard mode right now. Not sure if there will be a difference using it in Windows XP.

    However I would not be one to encourage others to run out and buy a mophie as in my case it may be a freak incident. While the mophie case seems to do a good job so far I'm not promising anyone that it will cure your WiFi mode charging problems.
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    I was wondering.. Are u on AT&T? Cause that app sounds interesting to me, I'm just afraid I would get loaded with extra fees from AT&T

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    I have been using it on AT&T for a couple weeks and I have had no problems.

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    I have not noticed any problems and iPhone 3GS has fully charged with MyWi wifi mode enabled.
    I can't explain it but it works.

    However sometimes I notice I must re-boot the iPhone to get the wifi tethering to work; I think this was the case even before I bought the mophie case.
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    Also I notice that the MyFi WiFi name I created remains on my other laptops as a network even after turning off or rebooting the iPhone. When I try to re-activate my iPhone MyFi it will NOT CONNECT as long as the other systems are holding onto that WiFi name. I must change the WiFi name I created on MyFI in my iPhone in order to get the iPhone to hold the WiFi signal. I hope you all get my meaning here. Next I must disconnect from the old WiFi name on my other laptops to re-establish the new connection with the new WiFi name.

    This is an important point; some may not know why they are not connecting and this may be the reason.
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    I'm on AT&T and have no problem using MyWi, I love it

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    as do i have att and i must say that mywi works perfectly. im def going buy it after my trail is up.

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    well, its been a while and i think everyone has gotten their att bill. anyone noticing any extra charges?
    im still a little sceptical =P

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    I went over the 5 gig limit 2 months ago accidently. No penalty but I would not do that again.

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    hello guys, i was just wondering, if i start using MyWi, will att charge me?

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