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Thread: MyWi is really just an ad-hoc network

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    Yes, it does route, and yes it does broadcast it's said. However, it also does use ad-hoc mode, not infrastructure, and there are some things that can't handle it. to be fair though, I don't recall any claim that it used infrastructure mode.

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    I need some enlightenment.

    Will MyWi create the iPhone as access point anywhere? All the time? Does it depend on strong signals from another router although MyWi can theter wirelessly and via usb and BT. THANKS

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    Any further developments into getting MyWi to broadcast as an AP / Infrastructure?

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    Default still ad-hoc only?
    Anyone know if MyWi still only does ad-hoc computer-to-computer broadcasting rather than AP broadcasting?

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    At this time, from what I can tell, it is still Ad Hoc. I was looking into it a couple days ago because my Kindle can't connect to Ad Hoc networks, and I saw a post on their FAQs that said they are aware of it, and they are trying to make the changes to allow it to transmit AP instead of Ad Hoc, so hopefully we will have this ability soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mes View Post
    @threeonparfive. Sure it's possible. It's just software. But is it economically feassble? That's the real issue!!

    just to let you know,
    I read that the wireless chip in iPhones is not capable of creating a wireless network, therefore only ad-hoc is possible due to technical limitations of the hardware.

    this may have changed with iPhone4 tho.

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    Does anyone know when they will or if they can make this work with the AppleTV?

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