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Thread: MyWi should have a BETA tag

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    The concept is great, but this app does not work very well at all. I have a Jailbroken 3G runing 3.0 that has never had a spring board crash. This app crashed more than 10 times for me. It works for a bit, then stops. After hitting the Home button, it crashes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing worked.

    And the fact that you need to install the Installer before installing the app is crazy. Just what I need, one more icon on my spring board.

    This app was released too early and clearly should still be in Beta. It is also very hard to completely uninstall. Cydia hung when trying to remove the Rock Installer (or whatever it's called) and I was forced to do a hard reset.

    In my opinion, considering what I had to do to get rid of it, it's really not even worth the free trial period. I've never had a single problem with PDAnet. I was lured into the "hot spot" idea, but it's just too buggy to be worth the time and effort.

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    CashCache: Thanks for the feedback and I understand your point. However, it does work for many - and because the jailbroken community has to support so many other apps causing interference - it's hard to handle all all situations. I would suspect it has something to do with your phone's configuration. (It appears that users who have PdaNet have had issues - i"m not sure what their app does to your network interfaces and could be the source of your problem).

    I would love to see your syslog when it crashes - especially if it does so 3 times - it would pop up a msg saying what is causing the issue. The installer app manages your licenses and rock extensions. The cydia uninstall issue - that should be directed to saurik - it's a cydia issue and has nothing to do with the fact you were uninstalling rock your phone .
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    I'll probably try your app again sometime. For now, I'm a bit gun shy with all the problems I had. I really like the idea of creating a "hotspot", but it will have to be much more stable for this to work for me. I depend on my tethering way to much to risk not being able to get, or stay, connected.

    I'm curious if you would consider putting a Beta label on your app so everyone knows there are still some serious issues. It does not take too long in Google to see dozens of issue reports. Putting it in Beta may keep people from getting upset with you and it will also provide a great mechanism for feedback and bug reports.


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    It definitely works for me. I normally just tether over USB so I can keep my phone charged or charging, and this app makes it a lot more convenient to turn it on/off. I keep it on the home page, so I open the app and flip the switch instead of opening Settings, clicking on General, Network, Tethering, On/Off.

    Just easier. And the wifi hotspot part is freaking insane and works amazingly! Didn't at first, but after the first two updates it was fine.
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