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Thread: Trying to understand MyProfiles - Wifi and Bluetooth.

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    Default Trying to understand MyProfiles - Wifi and Bluetooth.

    I'm currently trying out MyProfiles and in some cases it is not behaving as expected so if someone can perhaps correct my understanding, it would be much appreciated.

    I've got 2 time based profiles ("Awake" and "Asleep") which essentially turns the phone on at 8am and switches the phone off at 11pm. That part mostly works fine, with the exception that in the "Asleep" profile, I specify that Wifi should be turned off, but it stays on. The profile switches, and the phone gets turned off, but the wifi stays.

    Other issue is with the Bluetooth. I thought I had setup a rule where it would turn the BT on when it detected my car BT, however, it won't turn off after I shut off the car, and if I manually switch off BT, it won't turn on after I start the car. Can the BT trigger only be used for other things since once BT is off, it doesn't occasionally scan and thus won't turn on again?


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    Are you sure that the profile switching is working the way you want them to? I'm pretty new to MyProfiles too, but I've noticed that the order of the proflies on the home page is the order that the tool checks the rules.

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    So the "engine" always moves down the list and when it hits the bottom it starts from the top again?

    But the profiles aren't necessarily exclusive... Right now, to keep things simple, I only have 4 profiles:

    Awake = Time based Engine Criteria (8am-11pm). Connections - everything default except "Phone" = ON.
    Asleep = Time based Engine Criteria (11:01pm-7:59am). Connections - everything explicit OFF.
    In Car = Bluetooth device rule (connection = car bluetooth name). Connections = everything default except bluetooth = ON.
    Low Battery = Low Battery rule (20%). Dim screen to 25%.

    I would like the BT to turn on and off automatically in the presences/absence of the car, but I guess the phone would need to "pulse" the BT on occasionally to "see" if the connection was present so I can kind of understand that part not working.

    My Asleep profile I don't get though. Come 11:01pm, everything should get switched off, but I can see the phone get cut, but Wifi stays.

    Don't know if it is a bug. I'm on iPhone 4 iOS4.1 and I'm trying out MyProfiles 4.2.3

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    I could be wrong but I *thought* that it starts at the top of the list every time and once the current situation matches a rule, then it stops and applies that profile. If I am correct (no guarantees) then that means your In Car and Low Battery profiles will never get used (except maybe the minute between 11:00:00 and 11:01:00 and the minute between 7:59:00 and 8:00:00).

    Of course I could be completely way off on this! :-)

    Yeah, you could be seeing a bug.

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    Correct. Get rid of the 'awake' profile, it's not necessary as the phone will wake at the end of the 'night' profile anyway.

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