I waited a long time for an app that can play different sound depending on source SMS number and text that was in it (I receive a lot of alerts on my mobile).

This app provides that functionality and much more. But ...

I created 2 SMS alerts that trigger on specific number and different text in SMS. It works but default SMS sound is played right before custom SMS alert tone triggers. I guess that cannot be avoided ?

I tried setting in default profile 'no sound'. But that causes no sound on every other SMS message.

So in a nutshell, to have custom sound on specific message, you get default sound and custom sound. There is a very small delay - I guess it takes some time for this extension to kick in and play a sound - not really an issue for me but i hoped I would get just one sound. I guess you cannot supress default sound in mobile substrate.

If this application had a 'not' operator, I could make default SMS sound to 'none' and enter custom SMS alert that triggers on 'all but this number'. I guess custom groups may need more boolean logic added to it.


Also, I observed shorter battery life. Since phone wakes itself every 15 mins to check profile conditions, could that be the additional battery drain ? Maybe to have a user property to set profile engine wakeup time so user can decide if faster switch time is worth it compared to lesser battery life) ?


Also, that custom alert window that has its icon on the titlebar. Can that be turned off ?

This is a very interesting app. Not many apps here (RYP) but very useful ones ...

I tried MyWi and bought it after 3 days. I find it a bit more flexible than PDAnet. Great idea.