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Thread: Profiles don't switch unless I open MyProfiles

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    Question Profiles don't switch unless I open MyProfiles
    I have multiple profiles defined entirely based on wifi or bluetooth connections (one location per rule, no time settings etc.) My last rule is the system default.

    When I change locations, MyProfiles does not automatically recognize the new location. If I open MyProfiles and then close it, it reliably updates the correct profile based on location without my selecting it, but I have to open MyProfiles for this to occur.

    I have checked the analysis log and it appears that MyProfiles is only checking two of my profiles conditions on a regular basis, and it is not "checking" the remainder of the list of profiles that exist (which often includes the correct profile to activate). Most frequently the "system default" profile is incorrectly active and it is the last profile in my list.

    This seems like a bug - I would love some additional input or assistance.


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    I think this issue is OS 3.1 specific. MyProfiles was working fine until I upgraded. Now the rules switch, but it doesn't turn WiFi and whatnot on and off as it used to. I'm sure there are some changes that need to implemented, but give the developers time to work.
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    I'm on OS 3.01 (noone to my knowledge can run jailbroken apps on a 3GS under OS 3.1 - at least for now).

    My issue seems to be that profiles are checked by criteria are not accurately matched up unless the app is opened and then closed (without re-selecting a new location).

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    I have the same issue wherenit does not profile switch until I open and close the program.

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    Default Not changing the profile on the given time
    I love this app. At least the Idea of it. The Problem I've got is that it won't change at the time I want it to change. I've got a weekend and an weekday profile. And it can't see the difference.

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    mine doesn't change at all..even if I open program!

    I have a work profile that starts at 8, but at 8...nothing happens. The engine log says that my home profile matches...but my home profile is set 6.30 to how does that match at 8.30 in the morning???

    this program is almost worse than useless!!

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    i got it to work setting a wifi location for my work and home but am having no luck with my cars bluetooth location. It'll just go to the system default or stay on one of the home or work profile unless I set it to car. It also drains the battery on the phone more.

    I love the possibility of this app but it looks like I'm going back to aTimeTool.

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