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Thread: Review: More potental (and problems) than extpected

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    Default Review: More potental (and problems) than extpected
    When I first got this app, I was looking for one thing – something that could turn off the ringer and vibrate at night (except for important calls which could get through).

    That’s not a lot to ask, and a few apps can do that (and I wouldn’t pay $6 JUST to do that) but I hoped this might be a more versatile program with other features, so I thought I’d try the trial.

    I was stunned at the options. I could set up different profiles for different situations. For example, when I’m in my car (and the onboard Bluetooth is connected), it could automatically turn off the Wi-Fi (which you can’t use in the car anyway, and drains life constantly looking for networks). When I’m home, it could automatically turn off Bluetooth and 3G (since at home it’s using Wi-Fi). This would add up to A LOT of battery savings, and would probably be worth the price, if reliable.

    But confusion rapidly set in. As I tried different profiles with different rules, sometimes the rules weren’t being followed. For example, it appears that, once paired, the Bluetooth rule applies, even if the paired device is off. Once I got out of my car, even though there was no Bluetooth, the phone was still paired, and thus the profile rule still held, rendering it useless. I could be 1,000,000 miles from the Bluetooth device, but the “location” Bluetooth rule still triggers.

    Now, a clever person could get around this and set the “home” profile with the Wi-Fi trigger in higher order than the “car” profile. But here comes a catch 22 – for the home profile to trigger, the wifi needs to be on. But the car profile turns it off, so the home profile won’t trigger. Inversely, the home profile turns the Bluetooth off, so the car profile can not be triggered.

    So why not just have these profiles keep the Bluetooth/wifi on? Well, okay, but then that defeats the purpose of the profiles, does it not?

    I gave up on all this and just tried to get it to do what I wanted originally – a profile for when I go to sleep. At first there was no obvious way to whitelist someone (blacklist was easy through “Silencing”… whitelist – not so much). But after about a half hour, I figured that I could do a workaround with the “Alerts” system, a rather clever system that I imagine to be quite useful (though I did not test it, and can only imagine if it works).

    A little more playing with it (and infinite cursing) and I discovered that profiles without ANY rules will ALWAYS trigger the rule engine. If you list as your first profile a profile without any rules, it’s the only profile that will ever trigger, since it will always result in a “true” from the rule engine.

    And the rule engine doesn’t appear to be triggered by events (like connecting Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), but rather on some kind of timer, which is a serious problem (and I couldn’t make rhyme or reason to the timer, and they don’t actually tell you how the rules engine activates – at least not in any documentation I found), so it came off as phenomenally unreliable.

    Further, an app like this NEEDS an icon on the status bar to tell you which profile you are currently on. The profiles can change when you’re not looking, and if they change to something you don’t want, you end up not knowing it. You see your phone is suddenly in airplane mode, you switch it off, and now you’re battling the profile engine for control of your phone. Do I need to run the app every time I want to know what profile I’m in?

    Now, I LOVE THESE GUYS. Their free “Rock my iPhone” app has un-bricked more than one iphone were the common wisdom was I needed new firmware (and it’s the ONLY way out of DFU I’ve ever seen). Their IntelliScreen app is the best Iphone app I own.

    So I’m going to give the guys the befit of the doubt in anything they do. I love them.

    But even in the best of circumstances I’d be hard pressed to pay one cent for a beta application. In it’s present state, the app is worthless, it’s too unreliable to be of ANY use, so I won’t buy it.

    But this leaves me with another problem. I’ve now used up the trial. If they come out with an update, tell me they’ve fixed these problems, how do I know that? I’ve already used the trial, so I can’t test the app, but I’m not going to pay for an app which might be worthless.

    I’ve no idea what they were thinking, but making people pay for a beta is rude, and not smart – because people who don’t like the beta have no incentive to try again – to come back later in the release version, because they’d have to pay to try it, and they already didn’t like it – why should they pay YOU to find out if you fixed the problems?

    They should release this for FREE, then when it’s working, switch to a pay model (and with their license management, they could easily force the free beta software to stop working or go into the commercial trial).

    In short: While this app has much more potential than I imagined it having, it is immensely frustrating to use, with counter intuitive rules to profile management, unreliable and quizzical engine triggers, and strange effects (like going into airplane mode for no discernible reason), and is, for all intents and purposes, utterly unusable. An the fee for beta software ensures that I won’t pay for it now (because it doesn’t work) or buy it later (because I won’t be able to try it later without paying first). It’s an utter disaster on multiple fronts, from customer service and satisfaction, to execution, reliability, and transparency.

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    Thank you so much BlackHawke for this review!
    Actually I was going to buy this app because profiles are a must, coming from Windows Mobile devices.
    But in its actual state MyProfiles is a no go, there are too many bugs to be fixed before users pay for it.

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    i agree that the app has alot of issues that need to be worked you, I was looking for a basic function for having phone calls, emails & sms from my family or essential staff at my work to alert me at night while everything else is silent. i have been successful in setting that up and it works like it is designed to. Only bug I have run into is that the email alerts set by subject is not working. I think for many people setting up profile changes by rules, this app definitely is in beta & should have a test base before charging.

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