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Thread: Multiple Time Rules?

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    Default Multiple Time Rules?
    I just recently finished my trial and purchased MyProfiles and I've really enjoyed it so far, so thank you for your hard work!

    I'm curious if it would be possible to allow multiple time settings for a single profile. The reasoning I believe this would be a decent feature to add, is at least in my case, I'll be returning to school this fall, and it would be nice to have the phone automatically turn off the ringer / adjust vibrate settings / whitelist based on my class schedule which perhaps could be accomplished with multiple time rules, and also allowing days to be selected individually instead of just weekday / weekend / everyday like how the default iphone alarm application works. Seeing as I work on campus as well, I can't really adjust the rule to go by wifi or location (plus the campus is huge, not sure how broad the gps setting works... plus the battery drain.

    Thanks again for your time, take care!


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    Default Rules Based on Appointments
    This wold be a helpful setting. I would also like to be able to set a profile that would take effect during a scheduled appointment. A calendar appointment with the availability set to busy could trigger a profile that suppresses the ringer.

    What is the process to submit this as an idea to the developer(s)?

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    this is a good question....but leads me to ask one of my own.

    when a time profile change ends...what does it go back to? the profile it was on before?

    For example my ideal profile situation is below

    06.30 switch to HOME
    08.00 switch to WORK
    17.30 switch to HOME
    23.00 switch to NIGHT

    since I don't have the abilty to switch to home twice...would this work?

    HOME is default
    at 8 in the morning until 17.30 activate WORK, when WORK ends, it goes back to HOME...until 23.00 when NIGHT kicks in, and then when NIGHT ends at 06.30 it gaoes back to HOME

    the main question, is what does the phone swtich back to when a time profile ends?

    that would at least get me the automatic switching...however since the main problem I'm having is that it doesn't switch off push email (I have to do this manually) I might as well swtich the profiles myself...which is a bit of a pain.
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