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Thread: Presales help needed!

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    Default Presales help needed!
    MyProfiles looks awesome.
    I am trying the demo now, with 6 days left.

    I only need one thing from the program: emails from 1 of 4 alerting systems need to wake me up during the night - I need the program to make a sound when that happens.

    My problem is, it doesn't work at least half of the time.

    Can the developer chime in and give some background on anything I should avoid doing so that this app works reliably?

    Here is my scenario:
    1) I don't need multiple profiles, so I keep the profiles rules engine set to 'off' on the profiles page, I have 'Home (On Call)' selected.

    2) On the 'profiles' page I have engine criteria set to a timer rule (12:01am-11:59pm) I dont really need this, but I wasn't sure if the program needed at least one rule to function?
    Also part of this profile: PushEmail=on, Auto-Lock=Default(on), Phone&GPS=on.... Under 'Profile alerts' I have one alert called NM Alert (Global)

    3) on the 'Alerts' page, I have one alert (NM Alert)
    It is set as follows:
    All Profiles ON
    Sender Group (set to a group called 'Network Monitor'
    Subject blank
    mailed only to me unchecked
    Mail accounts - set to my work account
    Alert with:
    Sound: ON
    alert sound: Alarm
    override silent: ON
    Vibrate: off
    repeat alert: ON
    Alert interval: 10 minutes
    Alert Duration: 6 hours

    4) locations: none
    5) groups: 1 called 'Network Monitoring' with 4 smtp style email addresses

    I tested this at work with one of the emails and it worked perfectly. This has me believe that I have it setup correctly.

    At home this weekend, I've seen countless emails come in that didn't trigger alerts. This has me believe that there are some gremlins in either the iPhone (3.0/3GS 32GB) or the app that cause it not to work in all situations.

    Is there something I am doing that could cause this not to always work?
    Is there something I must avoid doing so that it will always work?

    Thanks in advance, I hope to hear some info soon from anyone who can help!

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    One of the best troubleshooting tools is the RYP desktop client. You can get this from their website. If you connect your phone, right click in the desktop client on your phone and select System Log, it will open a window showing you log-style messages for MyProfiles. You can let it run for some time (overnight), then inspect the messaging when each email is received. The terms used are pretty straightforward and you may be able to see more detail on what works and what doesn't.

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