Gidday all,

Done a little search through the forums and could not find anyone who has had probs with syncing Tv shows to their iPhone. I am not talking about purchased shows. As with movies, I have re-encoded a couple of shows to go onto my iphone. After encoding to the correct format, I changed the tag in iTunes for these files so that they correspond as Tv shows. When i sync the iPhone it shows that iTunes is copying the files over and even the storage capacity changes to indicate that the video files have copied to the iPhone. However when I open the iPod app on the iPhone the Tv shows do not register. If I change the tag of the shows in iTunes to 'Movie' and then sync again, they show up on my iPhone under the 'Movie' category.

Anyone else had this problem? Did a google search and there is a little info out there on this issue but no way to resolve.. Are Tv shows encoded differently from movies?

Cheers for any assistance!