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Thread: "cannot be played on this iPhone"

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    Default "cannot be played on this iPhone"
    hey all i've searched for numerous posts with similar problems, when i try to copy any media file in any format, mp4 m4a avi mp3 mov, i get the error, "'file' was not copied to the iphone 'iPwn' because it cannot be played on this iphone."
    i have tried moving the file to the music library in itunes and selecting it and going to advanced settings and converting it for ipod/iphone and the option is grayed out so i can't really select it... but it is for just about every file format, i can't even think of anything i CAN transfer on my new iPhone 3G.
    it is updated and i have jailbroken it. i didn't put songs on it before i jailbroke it so i'm not sure if that's the problem or not.
    any help would be appreciated!!!
    PS: is it worth jailbreaking it again using the new quickpwn seeing as how 3.0 is still in beta?
    let me know if you know anything about that please!

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    I am having the same problem
    I am using the latest firmware 3.0 with the latest working redsn0w.
    I can drag music into my iphone either from itunes library or even from harddrive, no problem. When it comes to videos it gives me the same message as the poster above. I have set the iphone so that I can manually manage music and videos.

    When trying to sync movies in itunes under the video tab I also get no result.

    If someone can help thanks in advance

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    Reinstall iTunes and see if that works.

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    No difference

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    You have 2 choice.

    1. You reinstall redsnow on your computer and then, on your ipod.

    2. You try with many different video in mp4 (mpeg4) or try to suscribe to a free podcast and look if it work. If it work, your video is not correct.

    Sry for my english, i'm a quebecois. Hope that will help you.

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    I'm having the same problem, and it is only with movies that were not purchased using iTunes. Even though they are imported and can play in iTunes, it will not transfer them. Apple must have done something to prevent people from putting unauthorized files onto their devices for some reason. I tried putting the same movie that will not transfer onto my 3GS on my 3G running 2.2. It transfered just fine. So it's not iTunes' fault...
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    I ended up re-jailbreaking and that seems to have done it. try backing up all your stuff and completely restoring, then jailbreak again. good luck.

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    As long as the movie is .MP4 there should be no problem with it playing on your phone.

    One option would be right clicking the item while it is in iTunes, and select "create iPod or iPhone Version"

    That one definitely will work.

    Like the others said, if you are still having problems - I'd suggest re-JBing the phone.

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    Yeah,I have the same problem on my original iphone fw 2.2.1 & 1st gen ipod fw 2.2.1, but no problems on iphone 3g fw 3.0(PC Windows, XP & Vista). I have restored & re-JB many times to try to fix with no solution...I just don't understand this @ all. I also ad hear to Apples video spec. If anyone has some insight I would be great full. Thanks

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    Default Potential solution for cannot be played on this iPhone
    After digging deep into this problem because it bugged me so much I found that disabling anti-virus in a gateway UTM (unified threat management) device solved it - if your corporate or home router supports such protection, see if you can disable it for needed podcasts. I wrote about it in more detail in a blog article here:

    Hope it helps others.

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    i know a step by step guide on
    How to solve "cannot be played on iPod" error message

    it also applies to solve "cannot be played on iPhone" error message or "cannot be played on iPad" error message

    hope it also helps for you
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