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Thread: I give up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurisko View Post
    If you kids don't stop bickering I'm going to have to close the thread.

    First i am not a kid and yes , my english is not good, because im german.
    Is this a problem here, then please tell me.
    Is it normal that a new user is named "*******" ??
    I have only tried to help and all i got is "this is bad , that is crappy and so on" please tell me is this normal ? im 36 years old and thats never happend to me in any other forum ....what ive done false ?
    tell me and i try to make it better ...

    Greets, Chris
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    No, it is not proper for name calling, which is why that post has been removed. Secondly, welcome aboard, you'll find most people here don't have a chip on their shoulder and are quite willing to help. For the rest, ignore them. It takes two to keep an argument going.

    You have your opinions, and they have theirs. You be the adult and keep on trying to help those in need. And to heck with what other people say.
    Get "iPod & iTunes for Dummies", it'll change your life.

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    Thanks for your Welcome.

    Ignoring.. Illdo so in future.
    I only tried to explain my opinion but its failed

    And ill try to help again ... No Problem

    Thx again

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    For the 2.0 firmware, you require the latest iTunes and the lastest Quicktime to properly convert the videos. iPhone videos must be in MP4 format, either with or without .H264 encoding.

    One sure fire way to properly format is to feed the video into iTunes, then while in itunes, right-click on it and select "Convert file for use with iPhone

    again i have done all this... right now im downloading the xillsoft program suggested...will try that then give up.

    If you kids don't stop bickering I'm going to have to close the thread.
    Please dont close "my" thread for someone elses poor people skills... I, like drakki, are here for some help, not to be badgered...

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    Tell us what happens after you try the software...or if you really fixed your problem...
    so a mod can close the thread and these people can stop arguing...

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    tried xillsofts program and although it has alot of choices i gave up after trying 6 different apple formats even trying my old tried and true 3gp format my slvr takes all day long... I just can not get stupid iTunes to upload vids. It uploads mp3's flawlessly....
    someone please tell me whats the friggin deal...iQuit
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    so im not sure what the problem is.
    I downloaded this .mp4 form here for testing:
    These are films under creative commons license: Public Domain

    i click in itunes on films , than drag & drop this film into itunes.
    Then i synced itunes with iphone and it works and played ...
    i dont have to click convert in itunes.

    My Specs are: iTunes 7.7 under Windows Vista Ultimate
    iPhone 3G 16GB with T-Mobile Contract and Jailbreak via WnPwn.
    but it worked with this phone in unbreaked condition.

    maybe you want to try this

    Good Luck, CHris
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    tried your method, i downloaded that jungle book, went into itunes and dropped it in my movies folder.. sync'd the iphone and nothing. It just wont upload videos... mp3's its a piece of cake..
    iPhone3G 2.0

    tried handbrake, xillsoft, videora...
    does the phone have to be jailbreaked to upload vids or should the stock phone be able to upload as well?

    ok, i successfully got one to upload...what a long stupid process... they should have some instructions on this... once i test a few more formats i will make a set of instructions with photos so other people wont have to suffer through this stupid apple crap
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    nice to hear that it worked now.
    Yes it not that simple i thought before.
    Apple is apple and for me as a windows user this software is very confusing using the first time.
    to your question, for me it worked on my non jailbreaked phone.
    Some instructions for beginners are fine we are not allone with this problems.
    when you are ready with these instructions , let me now...

    Greets, Chris

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    yep... this weekend i will take screenshots and get some things posted... i think updating yesterday to the helped as some of the methods i did before that didnt work are working it had to be a vista compatibility issue.. I have now succesfully uploaded some stevie ray vaughn videos of mine and the Dark Knight movie )

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