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Thread: Multifl0w 2.0 updated for iPad/iPhone 4 with Expose!

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    Default Multifl0w 2.0 updated for iPad/iPhone 4 with Expose!
    Hey everyone!

    Multifl0w was just updated, this is a massive update. The video explains it all - enjoy! [ame=]YouTube - Multifl0w - Exposť-like multitasking on iOS4 and iPad[/ame]

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    Downloading nowwwww.

    Excellent App. Two small issues though.

    Using Double Click home button removes ipod controls

    Implement one of the Tiles to always be the Springboard (with no X to kill it) then, when all other apps are killed instead of the "No backgrounded apps" it should just go to the springboard.

    Glad i spent the money on it. It works great.
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    I haven't tried it yet, but I have a question...

    Can you enable the Dock while in Expose mode?
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    Default Awesome
    I had some problems with Multifl0w on iOS 4.01 on iPhone 4. I would background several apps, but only one would show up in Multifl0w.

    The fix was to reset Backgrounder back to default settings, respring/reboot, then go in and set backgrounding method to Backgrounder and turn off Fast App switching. Once I did this, the app worked perfectly.

    MUCH MUCH better than Apple's implementation of 'multi-tasking!'.

    Props and thanks to the dev - well worth the $5.00.

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    I hope the developers enable the dock in Expose view. Or a Springboard card at least... some way for me to get to stuff that's not open in Multifl0w.

    Also, when hitting black, it should go to Springboard, not back to the application last opened, imo.

    I'm not sure if its worth the $5 for me, I might be going back to ProSwitcher... this is why there should be trial software.. it shouldn't cost me $5 to try something and not like it. :-|
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    yeah, i need it to go back to springboard. how to open other apps without going back to springboard???
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    Few ways for those of us who prefer to use an app switcher as their default method of home buttoning.

    1) Proswitcher style (this is my preferred) where you have the dock visible while the app switcher is visible. I like this because I have an "Apps" categories folder in my dock, with other categories within.

    2) Empty tap in the black area would go to Springboard. This would take more steps to get to other apps, but its a solution.

    3) Springboard page. This would be a page for Springboard like you have for any other open app.

    This is a *great* concept, and its very smooth. Just needs a couple updates.

    (Please please please keep the dock, at least on the iPad )

    Do developers read this forum?
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    on the ipad how do you activate multifl0w from within an application? everytime i double click, it goes to springboard, then i have to double click again to get to multifl0w, seems like an extra step i shouldn't be doing.

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    Double click seems to not work very well on the iPad, I've noticed.

    I have short hold set for multif0w. Activator settings can be adjusted in the Settings app.
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I am on 4.0.1 without backgrounder installed, while backgrounder might be truer multitasking I prefer iOS native multitasking for battery life. I like the way the app works except for two things, in the past 24 hours I've had it, it's crashed 3 times with a Sad Mac face and an error code I think it's 00000F 0000003, something like that next time I see it I'll definitely catch it, then a mobile substrate warning comes up and tells me that it caught a problem and it's in safe mode and I have to reboot.

    The other problem is that occasionally some apps won't appear in multiflow

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    other weird things happen when using backgrounder only with multifl0w, if i'm playing music, then answer a phone call, i hear the phone call and music. also, if i end tomtom nav from multifl0w, it doesn't end it, it keeps running

    so if u use hold for ipad then how do u activate backgrounder?
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    I changed the activation method to double tap status bar as I want my ipod controls. Of course this means I either have to leave the program and tap status bar (for games) or it keeps the double press home open so I can still access the bottom multitasking bar.
    That's the biggest annoyance so far but I've only just installed it.

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    i dont really wantt o read through all the posts up there, but from what i skimmed while scrolling i'm going to guess that everyone else is trying to figure out why the hell it doesnt automatically start backgrounding your current app if you activate multifl0w from within an app.....if thats not what everyone else is wondering when maybe you can do it and im just retarded, but in that case someone please clue me it. alllllllssoooo, does anyone know where the files are (whether text or images or whatever) that control the 'no backgrounded apps' message/screen that is shown when you activate multiflow without having anything backgrounded (obviously). i've found a few plists and things but i cant find where the actual multiflow directory lives on my ipad.

    also.......multiflow handles rotation hooorrrriiibblllyyyyyyyy.

    Awe man, I was hoping someone would have responded by now
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