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Thread: is All New . . . take 3ish

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    Wow, it's very large and very white. I'm hoping my browser is just being weird or that this design is not final...

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    Looking good so for Cody & Kyle!!! Thinks for all the hard work!!!

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    I missed the site while it was down as well. But I'm really not sure I like the design. Sure upgrades are great for functionality but why change it "looks" so much. Like someone else mentioned earlier... It looks cold and empty .lol

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    This Site update/facelift sorry to say was not thought out design wise , UGLY and unorganized looking. The white background kinda gives it a crashed safemode look. i really think a nice balance of colors/tones would have helped and still kept MMi's know color scheme.

    thanx for the work/update , but hopefully a visual make over will come.

    Just my 2 cents
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    Quote Originally Posted by zauriel View Post
    Not bad, not bad ... it will take some getting used to, but we'll cope and before you know it, we'll wonder how it was ever different.

    I do wish the "leave a comment" was at the bottom of the comments, not the top though. And I don't like that we can't see each other's "status" (What's Jailbreak, Green Apple, Theme Developer, Moderator, etc.) in the comments like we used to, along with stuff like how long we've been a member, how many posts, how many thanks, etc.

    Hmmm ... just noticed that after posting a comment, it returns you to page 1 of the comments instead of leaving you on the page you posted from ... no likey.
    You're looking at it from the news feed. Go to and most of what you mentioned is there ("status", comments at the bottom, stats, etc)
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    Wow 4,918 Users. I like the new look to the site.

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    If any of the mods are reading this... the RSS feed for news is broken.

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    Are you guys going to update the mobile version as well or just expect us to download the app? I have to be honest and say that I like the website way more than the app and I would like to be able to visit this site in the mobile version in mobile safari. I don't want to compare but gizmodo has made a major improvement to their mobile site and it even matches their full site very nicely. I would like to see something similar with your site as well.

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    new modmyi design really hard too use and looks complicated.just don't cut it for me.there's a reason why many forums have the old style design like modmyi had before this new update.

    Bring back the old style.definitely


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    I really want the app up and running as
    A lot of the time I'm on my iPhone

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    I miss the old theme

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    iPhone app for modmyi not working. Failed authentcate.

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    I understand things are a work in progress and appreciate the effort. You guys here are awesome. That being said you should take note that not a single creator or modder has chimed in with any positive input. I'm not insinuating that they are the only ones with credible input, as every member here is as important as the next. BUT- these are the guys that have a sense of cosmetic sensibility. The ones that create the themes that bless these threads. This place for me was a outlet that promoted creativity and artistry. This new color scheme does just the opposite. In fact to be honest my eyes hurt after looking at threads for an hr. Ive said this before today but this should be viewed just like a theme wallpaper. Ive yet to see a plain white canvas on a successful theme and the simple reason is it is not visually appealing!!!! Maybe a couple, but in contrast to the thousands of other themes my point should be obvious. The thanks stats need to be implemented again. that's just the bottom line. That alone will make you loose a good portion of your followers that have worked hard to achieve a status in this community. Again I understand things can easily be changed and it is still a work in progress. That being said I really hope the input is being absorbed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
    I really really hope this isn't the final design. None of the sections have borders anymore, so now everything's all jumbled and floating around in a sea of milk.

    My pictures in my main thread now all have an ugly yellow box above them asking people to click to enlarge the images (who thought THAT was a good idea??).

    Please re-design this again! But this time actually, you know, design it. Making everything white is not designing - it's confusing.

    Oh, and after I post I'm sent back to the 1st page.

    And where's the User CP? (found it, sort of: have to go into Messages)

    My eyes are hurting after 5 minutes. I'm going to come here a whole lot less if some of these problems aren't fixed.
    You're in luck - most of these things are on the docket to be fixed/tweaked.

    The yellow box will be going away.

    Thumbnails are coming back to the theme forum (ran out of time).

    User cp link will be added to the homepage (I'm guessing that's what you meant, since it's on every page of the forums).

    Not much I can do about the white space. We think it improves readability and things are easier to distinguish. We may tweak some color splashes and border lines over the next week or two to better differentiate things though - it's a work in progress now that we can actually get more user feedback.

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    I searched around here a little bit to find out if I like the new design... I donīt do. The former design was nearly perfect, I liked the thumb-previews in some sections and the clear interface. My eyes felt very well when reading MMI-thread.

    Now they are aching cause of the flashing white background.
    I donīt like it... really not

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    I liked the old design better,

    It's still so Betty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightmaster View Post
    You're looking at it from the news feed. Go to and most of what you mentioned is there ("status", comments at the bottom, stats, etc)
    Well that's ... not handy at all. Comments should look and act the same throughout the entire site, not different depending on how you access the article. I prefer the info provided in the one you linked to, but I want the ease of clicking on articles from the main page.

    Also, there definitely needs to be a color difference between each post like on the old site. Right now all the comments just seem to run together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Matthews View Post
    We've got a list about 50 items long of bugs, features, and tweaks needed still. Apologies for the mess folks.

    We're taking all the feedback into account. We should be able to address all the bugs within a week, maybe 2 for some of the larger issue fixes (stuff that's not just cosmetic).

    The old design will not be available or coming back - vBulletin destroyed the ability to use any previous version themes with the new system they moved to. This new system will be better in the long run though.

    We may make a style similar to this one when we've ironed out all the bugs, but with a darker bg (not much, but a little more contrast for people who hate white space). I doubt it though - the answer if there's an overwhelming majority who hate the white space is simply to better differentiate the relevant bits WITHIN the white space. We've tested this style for literally months, but it will alter over the next couple months as we get user feedback and see what works best.

    Either way, thanks for the feedback.
    For a site that is supposed to be "tech savvy and professional" I am very surprised to see that you guys would just slap this whole thing together and release it to the public as is. Why not test everything locally first and get all the bugs worked out then release it to the public? I guess since this is a Crapple related site you guys are trying to take after them by releasing "buggy software" like they do

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    What happened to the RSS feed? I don't want every thread in the forums, I just want the front page news. What happened?! I've gone through a bunch of your listed rss feeds and they are all forums.

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    Site looks good but not that thrilled with forums, it a lot harder to determine what comment is a reply to what comment.

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