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Thread: Apple Forces Their Hand on iPhone Trademark. We are changing domains.

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    I'm so confused, I thought this site was run by Apple. I'm glad those lawyers set me straight.

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    Default Shades of Windows
    This is Windows all over. They own the word "windows" and you can't use it. Now its "iPhone". There is like 20-30 other web sites that use the same word. I wonder if they all got letters too. They are just jealous we are able to make their iPhone better!!!!! Hale the new ""iFone"".

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    Hey PF, why not move your website to Canada. iPhone is a trademark of Commwave here, and Apple can't do a damn thing about it.

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    Default Lemon iFone
    Since the topic of "iphonejeff" being in direct violation of Big Brother Jobs' laws, do ALL references to iPhone in ALL of the threads need to be changed to something else like iFone?

    Does this mean that in all future threads, we need to make sure that we do not put iPhone, Apple, Apple, Inc., iTouch, iPod, iPod Nano, iTunes, Mac, get the idea...

    I think that is infringing on my constitutional rights of free speech.

    Ph.. them...I still have v1.0.1 in mine and have all of the changes that make the IPHONE a better FONE.

    If Apple would have just put in all of these MODS/Apps in to start with, they wouldn't be in this situation where they are crying to "Mommy".

    Steve...get a life...and face the will never be Bill...

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    To be candid, it had to be expected.
    Every company guards jealously their brand name and have mandated law firms to do so. IMO, it is somewhat justified as without some guidelines, morals fly out the window. In this particular case though, the iPhone brand name was imbedded in another name which promotes modification to the iPhone... so the 2nd bullet is in my opinion just from a pre-fabricated law template that not even Townsend and Townsend and Crew has taken the time and effort to customize.


    As for me... does it matter if it's or nope... i still get the same great info.

    Thanks cash & pf for the heads up.

    (Nice cool sig incomming)

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    What are they thinking of this site has helped them sell 300K phones they would not have sold otherwise ...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffl1 View Post
    wow... apple is ridiculous!

    mail them a letter back that says, "F*** off!"
    Yeah, iPhuck© Off

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    I'll be a dissenting voice here. Apple has the legal right to do this. If you owned the product, the company and the trademark, you'll be foolish not to take complete control of the product, the company and the trademark. The question is are they within their legal right to take the action they did? The answer is yes. Unless due process decides otherwise. As things stand, we'll just have to live with this little inconvenience. We're up and running. Let's move on.

    P. S. More power to this site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
    [*]Since the services we offer here on MMi are directly related to Apple's iPhone, Apple Inc. believes that ModMyI will inevitably confuse consumers into believing we are associated with Apple Inc., therefore infringing on Apple's Trademark rights.

    Not possible, MMi isn't filled with teminal @$$holes like Apple inc.

    And for the guy above, no, *I* wouldn't I'd be glad to get the extra publicity and advertiment that is offered by a strong modder community like Motorola and Nokia.
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    why ifone... Why not iphown???

    or ipwned

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    You mean a big corperation tried to smack down a little guy? No way, i dont believe it. IMHO Apple is just trying to protect their product, what they dont understand is the sold a sh***oad more IPHONES than they wouldve without sites like this. I for one would never have bought a stock IPHONE, they suck...well maybe thats a little strong, but thats what makes them rock is the mods. I mean what can a stock IPHONE really do? Surf the internet, make some calls pfft i could do that on my treo650. Now we got NES and all manner of cool games. Speaking of games, has anybody tried the ones APPLE put out? PURE CRAP, everyone of them. this is just par for the course. Ive never really been into APPLE products, but i liked the IPHONE, providing of course that i could mod the s**t out of it.Of course i got mine after the price drop from the APPLE store, so i didnt get the hundred dollar hand job, but all in all im still satisfied. Ok ive wandered off on a tangent and dont have enough bread crumbs to get back so ill end by saying Keep up the good work whatever the name is.

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    you should probably just rename the site

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    part of having a trademark is you need to defend it.

    it has nothing to do with them trying to shut down the site, they just have to defend the name. part of having a big organization is having lawyers whose job is to do just this. if they don't defend it enough, they can loose it.

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    First of all I love this forum keep up the good work... I am one of the lucky ones, I choose not to buy the iphone. If I would have bought the iphone it would have been because of this site. (Apple... you did the wrong thing here..) Seeing what people have did with the phone made me want the iphone. And I was going to buy the iphone as a second phone to have.... instead I have everything I need for my pocketpc to make it look and feel like the iphone if I want to use it this way... but after time it got boring to me same old same old......

    But in the long run I did not buy the iphone because I felt it was nothing but a cheap piece of plastic, it did not thrill me at the store and the software on it hesitated when I tryed out things on the phone and not to mention that AT&T didn't know much about the phone when I asked questions...

    This will make you laugh! While I was at the ATT&T store one of the employees there bought the iphone so he could mod it... since he told me that I gave him this website address.. ) and he didn't hesitate to write it down ) Matter of fact three guys there wrote it down....

    I called the Apple company to ask questions about the phone and when I asked them if you could install programs to suit your needs they told me no... I told them then what kind of phone is this? For dummies only? They told me that the iphone came with the software on it because they felt that is what people needed and nothing more... well they are wrong... I don't care for a phone that just cruses the internet, checks email, and you can listen to music...... I wanted the iphone and wanted to be able to install things on it that I needed... not what they felt I needed....

    The iphone can not even compare to the pocketpc type phones and never will.....

    So Apple...... read this! Not every one wants your stupid phone! And if I would have bought one it would be because of this site ONLY! Maybe someday I will buy your stupid iphone... I have to say stupid because it will not be to my needs when I buy it... but once I get my hands on it I won't be able to run to this site fast enough to change it to MY needs!

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    Its not mod my iphone, its mod myi phone we just spell myi weird.

    Seriously apple there are thousands of websites with word iphone in it, you wanna shut them down too?

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    wow... shocking

    and yet another reason why I'll never own an apple product (besides my phone). Hell, my next one will most likely be a windows mobile device. At least they open it up to 3rd party developers.

    They're scam artists. Own a song and want to make a ring tone? that'll be 0.99 please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iphonejeff View Post
    you see i told you guys that apple was looking at these forums!

    Then maybe they'll see how much they're pissing off their long-time supporters.

    As for me, I'm getting stickers made for all of my apple product that say "This is my last Apple product."

    Looks like I'm headed back to my first computer love, SONY. I've always been SONY's *****.
    cash removed my sig of a donation link.
    "Brewin' and 'quein' since last Tuesday."

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    Damn Cash! You rolled over pretty quick didn't you?? Good thing me and you did not rob a bank together! You would have snitched me out ASAP!!


    Yeah i know aint no point becoming homeless and broke trying to fight Apple. I would have changed it ASAP too. Are they doing this to all sites with iphone in their names too or they just hate you for making things nice and simple over here?

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    I noticed the same thing with on two different iFones(I don't want to get sued) everyday since that site went live. Everytime the page tries to load after you ask to jailbreak, it closes Safari.

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    Default They already forgot they stole both Apple and Iphone names!
    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
    Today we received a letter from the friendly legal team of Townsend and Townsend and Crew; Apple Inc.'s legal representatives.

    I'll just give you the summary:
    • Apple owns, through its Ocean Telecom affiliate numerous U.S. and international filings for the iPhone trademark U.S. Ser. No. 77/007,808.
    • Since the services we offer here on MMi are directly related to Apple's iPhone, Apple Inc. believes that ModMyI will inevitably confuse consumers into believing we are associated with Apple Inc., therefore infringing on Apple's Trademark rights.
    • Apple is concerned that ModMyI also dilutes and tarnishes the distinctive quality of Apple's famous iPhone mark.
    • We are not allowed to use the Apple registered Apple Design Logo No. 2,715,578 that is displayed on our links to several "iPhone Topsites," which are unauthorized third party websites.
    • Apple assumes that it is not our intent to create customer confusion. they are correct we are not trying to confuse people
    • Apple asks that we abandon the use of all domain names that have iPhone in them on this website and to agree not to use ModMyI or any other mark, name, domain name, logo, tagline, slogan, or anything else that contains iPhone for goods and services related to or competitive with Apple's iPhone or dilutive to Apple's trademark rights.
    • Apple further requests that all use of its product photographs and the Apple Design Logo immediately and permanently cease.
    Because of this letter will henceforth become Also the iPhone Topsites links on the left of the site will be remove since they contain the Apple Design Logo (although that is not controlled by us).

    We will remain open and continue providing users with the same free services that we currently offer.

    The current addresses to different pages on this site will remain the same except the ph will become a f. For example will become and so forth.

    During our move users may experience short site outages but don't worry, we are not going anywhere and hope you will continue your support of this site under it's new name, ModMyI.

    Thank you for your time and support,
    Cody Overcash, Kyle Matthews, and the rest of the ModMyI team.
    Yes! Both names were stolen the first from the Beatles and the second from Cisco!

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