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Thread: T-Mobile Announces Rollover Data

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    Default T-Mobile Announces Rollover Data
    T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced today as part of its Uncarrier 8.0 initiative, a way for customer to stop overpaying for High Speed Data, called "Data Stash".

    For those of you familiar with AT&T's old "rollover minutes" plans, "Data Stash" basically works the same way. If you have a plan with 3 gigs of high Speed LTE data and only use 2 gigs, your remaining data (in this case 1 gig) will roll over into your Data Stash for future use. Unused data will be rounded to the nearest Megabyte and left in your Data Stash for up to 1 year. According to T-Mobile, this feature will go into effect for all current and new customers who pay for at least a 3GB High Speed Data plan or higher (or 1GB for tablet plans) beginning in January.

    And that's not all; as an added Bonus, Legere added that T-Mobile is starting everyone with an eligible plan off with 10GB of data in their stash for free!

    What do you think about this move? Do you think it should prompt the competition to do the same? Comment below.

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    Default T-Mobile Announces Rollover Data
    Rollover minutes actually originated with Cingular, a company that AT&T swallowed after they had been in existence for about five years. Cingular actually was swallowed by AT&T at the same time I switched to Sprint when I got a Palm Treo.

    I actually had quite a lot of rollover minutes stashed at the time I switched over to Sprint. I had the Treo for about three years, maybe four, and then my brother gave me his old original iPhone and I had to be switched back to AT&T at that time.

    When I finally got the account set up, I noticed that they had reserved all of my old Cingular account rollover minutes from the last day that I had them. They actually gave them back to me which kind of surprised me.

    I like this idea of T-Mobile's, however it's a feature with a visible end date. Apparently, the features will vanish after one year, oh you will be charged for them after a year, I am not sure I skimmed through the article about this announcement- it looks like a good deal, and I encourage anybody on T-Mobile to do it.

    Because it sounds a lot better than rollover minutes, which are never really yours to use in the first place, there is no way they will give you access to all of your minutes. Of course, it is no longer minutes which are the commodity as most cell plans give you just about unlimited text and speech. So now the big commodity is actual data, which they will mete out to you on a rather stingy basis- if you are on a so-called unlimited plan, they will throttle you after a certain amount of data is used. At the same time charging you a large amount of money for the "unlimited" plan.

    If you opt for the limited plans, the allowed usage is just under the amount that you will find yourself needing. Under Sprint which I have now, I have an unlimited plan-and I use about 3.6 GB per month. This is 1.6 GB higher than the 2 GB allotment I had from AT&T.

    Whoever you use, they will screw you in ways that other companies will not screw you, but they themselves have their own ways that they will screw you. So you have to decide in which way you want to be screwed and whether or not you like the hairbrush method, or the doorknob method Applied to your fanny-hole :/
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