Just a heads up was watching the jays game went to commercial so I quit app and went to App Store. Noticed an update for anyplacetv app and updated

Went back and signed in hit jays logo and was informed this app does not work on jailbroken phones

I guess they don't need my 5 dollars a month plus a dollar over 5 hours per month as this is what they r chagrin me

Our company has a bell cellular package that is better than what bell employes get
Think after 30 years as a customer it is time to switch

What would rogers say if I couldn't pay my almost 200 a month phone bill because rogers the company name has six letters in its name. What does it matter if jailbroken or not

I tell ya I'm pissed. There has been only one other app that wouldn't work because of jailbreak

Btw anybody know of a workaround tweak

Thanks for letting me vent and inform us Canadians about this scam don't update if jailbroken and u use rogers anyplacetv app