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Thread: Forbes "Apparently Apple's iPhone 5c is already a failure"

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    Default Forbes "Apparently Apple's iPhone 5c is already a failure"
    Apparently Apple's iPhone 5c Is A Failure Already

    Is a story by Forbes, Really?

    The story is from the Daily Mail a well known credible source........well maybe not?

    This is what the Daily Mail tells us at least, that the sales of the iPhone 5c have been “disappointing” and that production has been slashed as a result. They even ask if the 5c should be regarded as a “failure”. I can’t say I agree with them really for a couple of reasons I’ll give you in a moment:

    Is the iPhone5C a failure? Apple AAPL +0.68% ‘halves’ production and slashes the price of its handset in China due to ‘dismal sales’

    Apple said to reducing production from 300,000 a day down to 150,000

    Inside source admitted the drop in production to a Chinese technology site

    That’s all a little over the top of course but then the Mail is closer to a tabloid than anything else so that’s to be expected.
    Is Apple's iPhone 5C a flop?
    Doug Gross, CNN

    By Doug Gross, CNN
    updated 6:40 AM EDT, Fri October 18, 2013 | Filed under: Mobile

    (CNN) -- When Apple unveiled not one but two new iPhones last month, it was the dawning of a new strategy for the company, which for six years had championed its single iconic smartphone even as competitors rolled out an array of shapes, sizes and features.

    But a month later, there are questions about how effective this strategy has been, particularly in regards to the iPhone 5C, the cheaper, colorful plastic counterpart to Apple's higher-end iPhone 5S.

    Though some observers see a long game in which the "fun" version of the iPhone will still prove popular, others are skeptical, based on some early signs.

    Apple has not released figures breaking down sales of the 5C versus the 5S (An earnings report on October 28 may change that). But independent analysts estimate that the fancier 5S is outselling its candy-colored cousin by 3 to 1 or, in some cases, even more.

    CNN story here

    Apple did cut back production voluntary of the Iphone 5C

    5c was never supposed to be the Flagship Iphone, it was to replace the Iphone 5, a successful phone with a update
    and choices of "fun Colors" like some android phones.

    So what happens?

    Die Hard Iphone people put the hand set down
    Die Hard Android people say its behind the current android phones

    WalMart has been telling Apple they need to offer a decent handset that lower income people can afford.

    So WalMart's price cut to $45 for the Iphone 5c allows people to buy a pretty nice Iphone with 16gb instead of the poorer choice of a free 8gb 4s.

    In every way the Iphone 5c is better choice than the 4s. Larger ram, larger battery, larger storage, larger screen.

    So why is the 5c a failure? If it was $50 for a 2 year contract everywhere then it would not be

    In my view Forbes picked a bias source and builds on it. What do you think?

    Update 10/18/13 :CNN jumped on the band wagon too I saw the story after I wrote this

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