It's been two years since the irreplacable Mr. Jobs passed on to the next world - which I'd venture to suggest, is a respectable point at which to say 'It's time to move on' ... and at the risk of dishonouring his detestation of Adobe Flashplayer, to build Flash-support into iOS-7.

Yes, Flash has been crushed by Jobs' intolerance of it - and its development on mobile devices has ceased.
However, it's still a huge and integral part of the web and not even Jobs' dislike for it is gunna make it go away.
So to Apple : - Why not let bygones be bygone, buy Flashplayer and make it what Jobs might have wanted it to be in the ideal world ?

Think of what that alone would do for Apple sales. It would certainly give it a shot in the arm enough to give all Android, let alone just Samsung a run for its money.