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Thread: IPhone Gophone Users!

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    I got raked over the coals this morning. I've been using a 3g 8gig for about 3 weeks then upgraded toa 3gs 16gig abotu a week ago. Everything has been peachy, i used the 100mb data plan for the phone, well this morning i had about 35mb for the month with a week to go before auto re-fill, I also had $141 for my account balance. I monitor my usage everyday to guage how much i use on average, not very much. I have the GTX theme installed and seemed to be runnig smoothly (weather widget), it has since yesterday. This moiring I sintall one of the lock screen weather mods, no issues, so i thought. About 2hrs after getting to work this morning i had a message pop up saying my data balance was zero, okay lets see whats going on. I log into my gophone account, low and behold my $141 is missing too. I look at the data usage, right around the time i put the weather lock screen mod on it said i used 32mb! What?!?!?! Then it said around 6:11am after i turned off the lockscreen mod it said I used about 2mb which in turn they took my gophone balance! They tripple charged me!!

    Ok, letís try a little experiment, I purchased the 1mb data plan, turned on the gtx theme w/weather widget, within minutes it used almost 600kb! Ok, I forwarded an email from the phone to my work email (54kb email), it the remaining 300kb off the account! WTF!!! Did something flip over at at&t this morning? I tired calling support and they said since i was using an iphone account it uses data differently, how? Sending a 50kb over edge should consume 300kb (maybe Iím wrong). Also the overage I had should've been charged at $.o19 (almost $.02 a kb) kb, which the overage shouldíve come to approximately $40, how do they get to take $141? Why has it been working fine for over a month and all of a sudden its not. Nothing in the term of use agreement states you cannot use an iphone for a gophone. Anyways since "Jay" couldnít credit back my account because it was over his credit limit(figure that one out), I would get a commitment call sometime in the next 3 days, yippee.

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    So what you are saying is that an iPhone uses data? And that surprises you why?
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    How does the iPhone use 3g data different than any other smart phone with 3g capabilities?

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