An invention from a 24-year-old Chinese graduate that can supposedly convert an iPod Touch into a rudimentary iPhone is getting tech bloggers excited

"Having covered the various introductions of wildly inventive quasi Apple products in China, we could be forgiven for getting a little cynical every time a 'revolutionary new thing' comes across our desks. But then we saw the Apple Peel 520, a gizmo that allows you to make calls and send texts on your iPod touch.

The Apple Peel 520 is a silicone rubber case that wraps around an iPod touch and straps it to a SIM card slot, a dock connector, and a battery. It is produced by startup Yosion Technology and is tentatively priced at RMB 388 apiece, or US$57 -- that’s almost 13 times cheaper than the official retail price for the Apple iPhone on the Chinese mainland.

The gadget was invented by a 24-year-old Chinese graduate who felt it “inconvenient to have a mobile and an iPod Touch at the same time,” the South China Morning Post reported. Don't we all.

To enable calling and texting, users would have to jailbreak their iPods to install Yosion and YsSMS apps.

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