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Thread: iPhone 4 meets the pavement at 40MPH!

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    Default iPhone 4 meets the pavement at 40MPH!
    Sad sad day, I was out working on my car and when I was done I went for a test drive and forgot my precious iphone on the trunk of the car. Of course I had to be working on my brakes, and testing them with a few hard stops, hadnt I dont that the bumper would have kept the phone stuck to the car because I took a few sharp curves and did some light braking before I did the hard brake.

    Here it is, did a video just for you guys...

    [ame=]YouTube - IMG_0098.MOV[/ame]

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    That is heart wrenching. What are you gonna do? Get a new one? I guess you could get replacement parts. Go to ifixit or whatever it is.

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    it was painful, other then the front it flawless still, full invisishield and bumper... parts will cost $140, apple replacement, $200... but then I get a new new one...

    not sure what I will do yet, sometimes apple will just warranty it.. we shall see.

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    Walk into the Apple Store and tell you were just REALLY into a game of Angry Birds and your thumb just broke the screen. Lol

    I'm using the Bumper case by itself right now but I'll be getting the big ugly Otterbox Defender case as soon they're available to order on their website. If you'd been using one of them I promise you your phone would still be perfect under the f'd up Otterbox case.

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    I dropped my iphone as it fell out my pocket on my hard garage door today after cleaning my car for about 7 hours. It made a little impact on my invis shield on both sides, but thankfully no real damage. Going to get the screenshield replaced tomorrow.

    Good luck to you. I would go for a warranty replacement obviously if possible. But then would pay for a replacement.

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    damn, is it true?! The screen and digitizer are glued together like the original iphone?!

    ahhh, found this on ifixit

    Unfortunately, the LCD panel is very securely glued to the glass and digitizer. It appears that if you break the glass, you'll have to replace the iPhone 4's glass, digitizer, and LCD as a single assembly.
    Guessing the glue holds things in place too so I cant just slap two parts in there unglued..

    I am just going to try to get apple to warranty it, if not, then I guess I will just buy one for $200 from them.
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    Well at least in the video you are holding it in the recommended way according to Steve Jobs, so that you get the best
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    I'm sorry to hear about your iPhone 4 these things are super fragile if dropped altho from the video it looks like a bad ***** cracked theme from winterboard lol

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    WOOOHOOOO...... they warrantied it!!

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    That's awesome dude! Maybe Apple isn't all evil after all.

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    Do you mean they replaced or fixed it for free? If so, that's awesome!

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    what did you say to them to get it fixed or replaced?

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    I've dropped mine twice.Well slipped out of my hands and hit tile both times....I just kinda stood there and looked at it.In disbelief.

    So I pick the little guy up and survey the damage.I mean it fell chest level to the ground.It had to do something.

    I **** you not, it dented the glass corner.It's not cracked chipped or split.It's dented.

    I suck at macro but here it is...the dent happened pre-case.

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    they replaced it for free.

    That is rubber that is dented in, it's a gasket around the glass...

    Which reminds me, before I got my phone replaced I took it apart and played around inside

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    Wow that's awesome. You got lucky

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPhone3G[S] View Post
    WOOOHOOOO...... they warrantied it!!
    Seriously, what did you say to get them to replace it? I just cracked mine too and I'd like to get them to warranty it too. Thanks

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    wow! i can't believe they replaced it

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    Did u buy the apple insurance?

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    This is heartbreaking. It's a miracle it's still operating pretty decent. You got lucky just like StealthBravo Had Said! Nice!

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