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Thread: @comex #iPhone4 #jailbreak to be leaked in the next 24hrs?

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    im seconds from deleting his info from the first post so people wont go fishing his youtube and giving him the attention he wants...such a poser for hit my damn thanks button

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    Useless Post

    I'd delete it but everytime I'm given power I abuse it

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    hate to join in the mayhem,

    he did just post a picture of what looks like a legit iphone 4 running cydia and his comp screen and itunes showing his phone + what looks like "project comex build 1"...

    if he's faking he did a pretty elaborate job. he's now claiming to put the file on demonoid soon.

    personally, I'm gonna wait for a dev-team official release... seems like he somehow got a version but it's probably not stable or their most recent, and plus unless the dev team releases there won't be any updates for IP4 making this jailbreak kinda pointless

    just my 2 cents

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    I'm waiting to see the video. My buddy hooked me up with his demonoid account. I still don't know if it's Mac or Windows software if he's telling the truth.

    If it's Mac I need to go to a buddies house...

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    It's just a screen shot of cydia from another device. On the computer is just iTunes open with the version info open, and the old Spirit open as well. Proves nothing, only videos with certain criteria can prove it.

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    plus i think dude is kinda, um... not so clever...

    demonoid is an invite-only site for accounts, but new torrents are public to download, so you don't need an account to download, i just checked.

    edit: to kmmxracer-- i'm not easily fooled. I looked closely at it, and it's not the old spirit. it says "project comex beta 1" and shows an iphone 4 as connected. the cydia may be faked easily, but it would take some photoshop work at the very least to make a fake full-screen on his computer with a fake comex JB tool.

    oh well, if he's lying he's lying, if he's serious then I don't really care cause I'm waiting for an official release, although this may throw a wrench in the gears of the dev-team.
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    Ya, I didn't take a very close look at it. I think I want it to be true so bad that I refuse to believe it. Lol. O well. Anyone go a demanoid invite, I've wanted one for a long time now for other reasons then this?

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    Still waiting. No torrent yet. If it's Mac I'm screwed anyways.

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    Looks like its a fake, the file is just snowbreeze 1.7

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    i just told him to send me the file to see if its real... lets see if its true

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    I was emailed the file from was snowbreeze1.7 but renamed as imac_releas. He seems like a kid that wanted the attention and he got what he wanted. MAJOR FAIL

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    Im a Demonoid member and nothing as of 7:48pm EST.............faker. I wont dl it anyways, because its not an official dev release. Those guys work hard, and deserve not only the downloads, but donate to these guys.....even $2 at a time adds up. I have been jailbreaking since my first ipod touch and I have learned THREE IMPORTANT LESSONS:

    1 - NEVER update your firmware before a jailbreak is OFFICIALLY released.
    2 - When an OFFICIAL jailbreak is released, trust me, you will know. IGNORE ALL THE FAKES!
    3 - The most important thing I have learned is BE PATIENT. I know a non-jailbroken iphone is just a fancy phone, but dont get scammed and pay for a jailbreak. All official jailbreaks are free.

    Be patient my friends. Im not expecting a jb to be released until 4.0.1 is released. I am stuck on 3.1.3 3GS, because I bought it right when they were being sold with the new bootrom. I would LOVE to update to 4.0, but I can wait. Honestly, I expected the jb to released right after 4.0 dropped. This damn new bootrom thing sux. Hang in there, I love my MMI peeps!

    A special thanks to STEALTHBRAVO for his constant updates. If he says the jailbreak is real, thats when you KNOW its legit. Mad love Stealth!!!!!!

    Add comex, stealthbravo, mmi, your twitter account. They constantly update. Thats probably the first place that will be updated when jb is ready!
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    Can't wait if it's true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJM AutoWerkz View Post
    Can't wait if it's true.
    Same. I just wanna know now

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    If it's real, who wants to be the first one to install mobilesubstrate? Eh? If it's Mac only software I can't install something that will make me have to restore.

    I'll need very few Cydia apps to be satified. BiteSMS, MobileSubstate, and OpenSSH

    If someone is going to install these LMK how it works

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    I call BS...............

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    If its not ******** and the JB **** ALL phones who comes int cotact with it, do you think we'll see lawsuits?
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    Anyone get this yet?

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    some guy posted this about 2 hours ago.. any ideas?

    jailbreak iphone 4 OK on Twitpic

    "jailbreak iphone 4 OK"

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