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Thread: iphone 4 for 40 bucks :)

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    Default iphone 4 for 40 bucks :)
    ok to make a really long story short my brand new iphone 4 got wet in one of my jet skis water tight compartment witch turned out to be not so water tight. yes salt water alll over the phone it was fried

    so i wake up today and head to a friend that works at the att store to get an new sim card to get my 3gs woking because i was without a phone for 2 days.. so he takes a look at it and was like dammmm this thing got really wet. so i get my 3gs hooked all up and he was like hold on let me call my friend and see what he can do so he calls this guy and the guy said to bring him the phone and he can see what he can do

    ok now i get to this place in my town that if i walked past it i wouldnt even know it was there. the place was called iphone body shop. i walk in and the owner is sitting there at his desk and ask me if i wanted him to replace all the water marks that have turned pink in the phone all 5 of them i was like sure give it a shot so he takes the hole phone apart in 25 min exposing all the salk water damage so he replaces all the water marks and puts the phone back together and it starts up and works perfect now except for a big water make on the screen. and i was like well that sucks so he said well i can just leave the lcd screen unpluged and u can take it back to apple witch i was gonna do anyway since he was fixing the water marks

    well take it to apple and the guys at the store were dumbfounded nobody could figure it out thay had like 10 people look at the phone and fix it i mean thay tryed everything and nothing so thay were forced to give me a new phone

    so i got a new phone for 40 bucks witch is how much this guy charged me to replace all 5 water indacators

    i thought a few of u would like my story
    Philadelphia, pa
    8 gig iphone, 8 gig 3g and finaly a very sexy white 16 gig 3gs

    ALL Jailbrken and unlocked

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    that's a little something called lying.

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    it might be but Apple will eat the cost and it wont cost them hardly anything...good job :-)

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    Wow, congrats you stole from Apple. Dont think anyone is going to high-five you here.

    Quote Originally Posted by romeoz View Post
    it might be but Apple will eat the cost and it wont cost them hardly anything...good job :-)
    WRONG. WE will eat the cost.

    This is the ever so sad mentality of the majority of society. More expense to them = Higher prices to us, obviously. Who ever believes "Its ok to steal from them, they can afford it" is....well........
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    Way to we have to pay for it!

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    I say f*** they would steal from you if they knew they could get away from it. Oh wait...bumpers.

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