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Thread: Scratchproof screen - I don't think so!

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    Default Scratchproof screen - I don't think so!
    Well... today I'm pretty gutted!
    I usually take great care of my phones. My previous HTC HD2 is almost 8 months old and doesn't have a single mark on it at all.

    My iPhone 4 was replaced last weekend (6 days ago) and when I looked at it tonight, it has 3 scratches on the screen. Once is deep enough to feel with my finger, and the other 2 are only visible in certain lights.

    My iPhone has never been in a pocket with anything other than my leather wallet (no metal corners / badges etc), and my keys / coins etc are on the other side of my jeans. It sits side by side with the wallet, so the screen or back don't even touch it.

    I don't have a clue what has touched the iPhone, but I've successfully carried several other mobiles this way for years without having any marks. I just keep staring at these scratches!

    Thankfully I have a 14 day money back guarantee with the Apple Store (or perhaps 30 now its been extended?), so I think I'll just return it - then get another one later on when I hope they've sorted the aerial issue out. My signal is dreadful without touching the phone, and no internet signal at work is pretty pointless for me (despite other phones on the same network getting a good 3G signal in the same place!).

    Before getting another one I'll get myself a Zagg screen / back protector, as if it scratches this easy on the front I guess the back will be the same.

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    Interesting. I'm a mechanic, I've handled my i4one with metal shavings on my hands, and the salesman I bought it from took his keys to a demo phone and neither got scratches. :/

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    I have a scratch on mine, only visible when you look closely and in certain light, I'm using screen protectors and a case now.

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    Don't let the workers at the Apple store tell you that you are getting a brand new iPhone 4. Yes they may be brand new but they didn't meet quality for retail packaging. So they are using them as replacement. So you are going to get a i4 with some type of cosmetic damage. Some not visible to the baked eye. I received a replacement for my retail i4 and it had a big scratch on the back and the video quality was really bad. So I took the i4 back the next day and had trouble with one of the workers. They did replace the back with a new one but he refused to echange my i4 because of bad video recording. So I just made an appointment to meet with a manager the next day and all is history. (Manage looked at some of my videos and came back with a replacement). Anyway before you leave look at the i4 really closely.

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    So your returning it cause you scratched it....and this is why we pay sooo much for things like this, abuse of the return policy.

    I carry mine in my pocket (iphone 4) and carried my iphone 3gs that way also, no scratches ever.

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    I realized I had a scratch on the back of my iPhone 4 last week and quickly ordered a Zagg back protector until my Element Case comes. It's def scratch-able.

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    I scratch my "unit" all the time...think I can get a replacement?

    Sorry, could not resist. LOL
    kwickone I.T.H.

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    Got one lil visible scratch on the back but it scares me not

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    my son is scratching his unit, but once we do the wash with bleach, that seems to clear up!
    all jokes aside, I have had mine since release date, and no scritches OR scratches, i keep it in my pocket with my pocket knife, Ridge knife, and whatever happens to fall into the "non" carry side. no problems at all. could it be a differient batch or make of glass?
    Just askin. I treat my phone with little respect or protection, cuz it's a phone, not some precious work of art to be admired. sort of like a wedding ring. not sexy, just a part of my body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpjr View Post
    So your returning it cause you scratched it....and this is why we pay sooo much for things like this, abuse of the return policy.
    No... I was going to return it as I get no 3G signal at my work with the iPhone 4 - but I get a 4-5 bar 3G signal in the same place with my HTC HD2. I'm in the UK and on O2, but I bought an Orange Pay As You Go SIM card and tried it too. Exactly the same - despite my friend at the desk next to me having a 3GS on Orange getting 3-4 bars on 3G.

    It seems that the antenna on the iPhone 4 is very weak compared to the 3GS and other phones... which is no use to me at all.

    Anyway - I decided against returning it, and stuck it on eBay instead. Within a few hours, someone paid my Buy It Now price - and I made over 60% profit on the original cost. I had already ordered a Zagg front / rear cover - so I guess I'll just have to hold on to them for now.

    Hopefully Apple will eventually admit and address these issues, and I'll be able to purchase another iPhone 4 then. Until this happens, I'll go back to my HTC HD2. Its not nearly as nice to use - but at least I get a proper signal when I need it.

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    hmm..i was making a case for mine, and to get dimensions right I had it rubbing against hard plastic and laying on plastic shavings for about 3 has 3 small scratches on the back that you can only see in certain light...I've found it pretty good with scratches so far, but maybe I've just been lucky
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    Well when I got my iPhone 4 my back was hurting pretty bad so I didn't go anywhere. I babied it for 2 days then my bodyguardz came. No worries now.

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