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I don't know if I'm allowed to post this or not so sorry if I can't, Ive never started a thread ever. This happened to me at 5:38 PST and the first thing I did was called Apple. They were closed to I called an Apple store to speak with a manager. The person I spoke with told me a manager would call back and I never received one. When speaking with the rep, he hadn't received any calls like mine. Total fail? I think so.

This story should be on the front page. As soon as I got off the phone with Apple, I came to modmyi. Here I am 5 hours later and I could be mistaken, but no thread.

Apple News | iPhone 4 Orders Getting Cancelled
Saturday, 19th June 2010, 08:06 pm
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An increasing number of customers are reporting that Apple is canceling their iPhone 4 pre-orders, according to a MacRumors forum post.

The customers are getting cancellation notices with very little explanation. Currently, users are speculating that AT&T could not complete authorization for the iPhone purchase. We would advise you to check your order status at Apple Order Status

Has your iPhone order been canceled yet?

Dear Customer,

We were unable to complete the authorization process for your iPhone
order. As a result, we had to cancel your iPhone order. To complete the
purchase of your iPhone, please visit an Apple Retail Store or an AT&T
company-owned retail store.