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Thread: WTF?! This Guy Sent 662,258 Messages with his iPhone 3GS [Video Inside]

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    Default WTF?! This Guy Sent 662,258 Messages with his iPhone 3GS [Video Inside]

    This dude broke the world record of the most text messages sent in 1 month 662,258 texts with his iPhone 3GS. The bill was packed in three boxes because it was 13,000 pages long.

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    what a waste of paper

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    lol i know.

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    About 900 texts an hour for a month what a waste of time. I feel sorry for whoever received those. Assuming he slept at some point that makes it even more.


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    Could have easily been an email script from a pc to his phone.

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    the guy have no life what can i say.

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    What a stupid record to hold. He should have had his bill statement set up for paperless

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    Sounds like a waste of time and paper to me..

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    yep it is. Fail!!!!

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    he sound desperate for attention. I am sure if you set a script on ur pc you can easily do it.

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    FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although holding a record for something is cool and who could really or would want to break that!! so ill take it back!! Semi-FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now imagine that was your kid!!! i thought my girl was bad!!

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    I can't believe it!
    a) You guys still have paper bills?
    b) AT&T don't have a FUP to stop idiots like this blocking the network and ruining it for the rest of you? (you wonder why you have problems? this explains it)
    c) Anyone would waste there time doing this.
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    Ummm.... wow.
    Somebody has to get a life
    I always feel sorry for the guy in the iPhone commercials. He always gets a call right in the middle of trying to do something

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    Quote Originally Posted by angiepangie View Post
    Ummm.... wow.
    Somebody has to get a life
    For real.

    Next time this guy should do the world a favor and see how many times he can slam his nuts in a car door in a single month. Then he can see how many text messages show up on his medical bill...

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    /\/\ that's hilarious. or he could just try and set the record for most times he slammed his nuts in the car door.

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