So back when 3.0 beta started, I had it on my 3G. I used the modified carrier file and did the whole sim swap trick and changed my messaging plan and had MMS working perfectly. Then I got my 3G[S] and it stopped working. I used the carrier file and tried everything again and actually got it working for about an hour, then nothing again. Then, my mom wanted to switch phone companies so I added a line for her and set up the messaging as family which includes MMS and it has no opt out code listed. After all this, MMS still didn't work, I've been on 3.1 beta and just couldn't get it to stay working. This morning I tried to send an MMS and of course it didn't. I updated to the official 3.1 release and as soon as it rebooted I sent several MMS' and they all went through perfectly. Now, since I can still get into the menu to edit the data settings I'm guessing I still have the modified carrier settings? All I know is I didn't change anything but now it's working perfectly. Anyone else experiencing this out there?