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Thread: appDowner: an alternative to Cydia and Installer?

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    Default appDowner: an alternative to Cydia and Installer?
    appDowner: A BitTorrent Powered iPhone App Store | TorrentFreak, the premier site for all news regarding everything and anything having to do with torrents has reported that iPhone developer Alec Renolds will soon be releasing his answer to appstore alternatives.

    Bittorrents have already been proven to be an effective and cost efficient way to transmit data large amounts of data so perhaps this method will also prove to lighten the load of our favorite repositories!
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    torrents on iphone? sounds like a really bad idea to me. isn't at&t's network sketchy enough already? are people going to background or leave this app running all the time to seed? meh, don't mean to mock it without knowing anything about it. just seems odd. a little competition never hurt anybody, though

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    it's certainly not the first torrent app on iPhone. dTunes came with cTorrent, and port of transmissions i believe. It worked in conjunction with terminal, and you could download a torrent via your iphone. As it stands, it is an "unlimited data plan", with exception to tethering. It's not tethered, and it is using the data plan which claims to be unlimited, so just because someone is using it in a way that they didn't intend really isn't our problem.

    And it actually does run in the background after you close (ctorrent). I ran it once for something just for the sheer novelty of it. It seemed to work pretty well.

    As far as the sketchyness of ATT's network, the biggest gripe is lack of 3G in more areas and them worrying about going to 4G before they even clean out Edge.
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