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Thread: InternetTethering 3G / 3.0 OS

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    Default InternetTethering 3G / 3.0 OS
    Hi all,

    I am lucky enough to have a (I think..) firmware unloacked iPhone 3G.... Anyway it activated with voda sim and standard update - no need for ultrasn0w..

    I have updated to OS 3.0 via iTunes 8.2 and jailbroken with redsnow..

    However - Internet Tethering does not seem to be present!!

    I look in settings - general - network but Internet Tethering option toggle is NOT there..

    Cellular data network works fine (I am on Voda UK) but my coverage is GPRS at the moment.
    So - where has the much hyped tethering gone!!

    OH I know it's OS 3.0 - it has MMS settings (empty cos I have not found the settings yet), SMS on its side!, the new search, and cut n paste etc etc.... and it says 3.0 in general - 7A341

    I am actually 'tethered' by PDAnet at the moment via WiFi and have also used USB so it is not a big issue but is puzzling..

    Cheers and thanks.
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    I'd check the carrier APN settings Under Settings->General->Network->Cellular Data Network. You'll need to enter the correct settings for cellular data, visual voicemail, mms and tethering here.

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    Default Thanks ....
    Ok I know I got cell data APN right as this
    is posted from the iPhone in question.
    But I have no data in the mms fields.
    So I need to find the mms data for my
    carrier and you think the tethering
    option should appear?

    It's a bit academic as I can use pdanet
    but I like to understand how these things


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