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Thread: Another "your phone is spying on you article". This time in Newsweek?

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    Default Another "your phone is spying on you article". This time in Newsweek?
    Look, anyone who has read some of my prior rants knows that I am one to believe that you can do just about anything you set your mind to with technology and make it work.

    Lo-Jacking a phone is certainly not news to anyone. The tech has been around for years, and to my knowledge there is at least one court document that states that it is so true that you can spy on someone with their phone and not have them know about it.

    I've never been interested in a "conspiracy theory" argument. Never at all really. Like all modders, crackers and hackers, most of the appeal is "How can I _________... whatever".

    With a computer, there is virtually no limit to what you can do with it, as long as a person is willing. It's the reason we can Jailbreak, or unlock phones because someone or multiple someones had the curiosity, the intellect (the time) and the inclination to do it.

    When it comes to things that are considered "fringe", I always like to see all the evidence before I make a sound judgment. Show me the money, so to speak.

    This article however, bothers me... It is just the type of thing distracts a person from the truth and makes them turn around and say "it's just a conspiracy theory".

    This article is such and article...

    I especially liked the last paragraph, that is news to me!

    Is Your Cell Phone Spying On You? | Newsweek Technology |
    Herp a derp a derp a doooo!

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    Muh, its like everything else....if you spent time worrying about would never leave your bed.

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    Damn I wish my phone would stop spying on me.....

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