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Thread: msnbc sez: New Palm Pre gives iPhone a run for it's money!

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    Quote Originally Posted by €hR!$ View Post
    You mean "the day flash dies"?
    I cannot emphasize how much I want flash to die die die

    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.

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    I actually have a plugin for winamp that utilizes xp's tts function. You hear ms mike or whatever in all his hhgttg marvin voice telling you the name of each track as it comes up.

    Its allright at first but unless apple has some incredibly new method regarding tts, its just yet another gimmick...

    @bengo: why do they do abc and not d? Because of marketing. Its a very annoying cat and mouse game that they play called "keep em wanting more". Remember, apple is not a computer manufacturer, they are a culture. Which is why going into an apple store is like walking into this strange cult where jobs is the head priest.

    And remember, appstore came out later...

    They could easily put everything and the kitchen sink into the design, but there is fault in making it too perfect. People get board if theres no struggle persay... Not having landscape sms is the 'struggle'. Victory comes as well as good PR by having them say " we heard our customers, we now have added_________".

    It makes them human and gives them a connection to their customers so that they arent just another giant corporation...

    As far as 8, 16, and 32?

    Thats like going to starbucks and being presented with small medium and large... People like to feel empowered with choice, plus its easier to upsell with choice.

    I want an 8 gig iphone for 100 dollars... But for 200 dollars or 100% of the price, i get 100% more... But for 300 dollars i get 200% more for 150% of the cost...

    (i think i did that correctly)

    or even better, i can buy a small drink for a dollar, but for 30 cents more i can get the next size up! Well 30 cents isnt all that much (but in reality its 30% more in cost for only 10% or less in actual product... )

    So yeah.. Thats why...
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    Wow, holding out for 2 years on basic features that most phones on the market have had for 5-6 years makes them a more "human" corporation? Yikes. Whatever you're smoking must be really good .

    Let's face it, the only reason they gave MMS, A2DP BT, landscape SMS etc. is because they have some competition now with Android and WebOS, and Jailbreak devs. Not because they listened to what people want, because they could care less.

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    what i said was that creating a situation that causes the consumer to request certain features and then COMPLYING with that request causes them to be more "human".

    2 years isn't all that long in the business world. It's not that long at all.

    You don't get to be one of the worlds largest and most well known conglomerate by being an *** and "caring less".

    A good business man knows that while he is self employed, his bosses are his customers. To a degree of course. Steve Jobs is a master salesman. But he's not like Balmer who crams his product down your throat and tells you need it, instead he makes you realize that you do need it even if you don't and only when you ask for it does he give it to you.

    It's a chess game, it's modern day warfare for all intent and purposes.

    And it doesn't take a genius to realize that. In my business, I have studied Steve Jobs to some extent, and in some cases modeled my practices after him. I've watched his interviews, as well as many of his addresses. The man excels in Hegelian tactics.

    It's always been Apples way of doing things. Like when the iPhone first came out, it did not support 3G. 3G was already well up and running, and just about every single Smart Phone, PDA, Blackberry, etc supported it. Except the newest and most innovative kid on the block.

    And people still bought it regardless. People still buy it today even though it is severely lacking in what can be considered standard features.

    And why is that? Desire. It's a beautiful and incredibly cool device. It's simple, it's fun, and why wouldn't you want one? Why would you want anything else? You've already sacrificed A2DP, landscaping, SMS and what have you for this amazing device. You've already compromised your needs for an inferior device in hopes that the almighty Apple will supply your needs when you ask for it.

    See with Apple, it's not just a company, its a cult. It's a well oiled and organized machine. Every aspect is meticulously planned to perfection, and Steve Jobs is the head priest.

    Like I've always said, Steve Jobs is a Salesman with delusions of God-Hood.

    Apple does not compete with anyone. It doesn't need to. Thats why Apple Computers sucked after Jobs was fired. Everyone knew that Apple was technically superior to Windows, however they started to compete with Windows and lost. It wasn't until Jobs came back that they stopped competing and simply said, "we are better. You mean... You didn't know that... Windows? oh... That's nice..."

    That's another reason why going into an Apple retailer is such an odd experience. The little acolytes simply can't understand why you would want something that isn't already featured on an Apple Product.

    In a lot of ways, you could look at it like Nintendo vs. Everyone else.

    Sony and MS are always fighting over who's better. Who's got the faster processor, who's got the better resolution... Bla Bla Bla...

    Nintendo Comes out and gives us a system that is fundamentally identical to their last system (Gamecube), only this time they said "but now it's got a built in Powerglove".

    Graphically inferior in everyway, as well as system performance, however it has outsold everyone.

    As far as what I am smoking (Usually either Camels, or American Spirits), has very little to do with my understanding of business and how corporations operate.
    Herp a derp a derp a doooo!

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