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Thread: iPhone to come to verizon LTE network in August

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    Talking iPhone to come to verizon LTE network in August
    So what beats a day with the guys? More iPhone news! Found out my friends fiancée works for verizon and she has gotten a list of new phones coming to verizon in august. It says the iPhone is coming to their new LTE network. She works in customer care but she says she can confirm this. I'm going to try to get a copy of this list and post it when I do. So for all of you hoping for better service than AT&T, might not have to wait till 2010.

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    Impossible. ATT has a 5 year exclusive rights deal with Apple.

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    I thought the same but she said that everyone at work is talking about it and she had the list. Mayb just another rumor but it's a nice one.

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    Not gonna happen....

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    Im not trying to crap on your parade....but its a rumor.

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    Let's call myth busters

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    Default Other confirmations of a Verizon iPhone
    I thought this was interesting I found a few other results saying that an iPhone will be coming to Verizon this summer and it will be announced in June at the WWDC. I'm not saying that I totally believe them just thought they were interesting so take a look at them.

    The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte
    (you have to listen to the netcast, Scott Bourne confirms he has talked to a verizon exec who says an iPhone is coming)

    iphone is def coming to verizon wireless really soon... - BlackBerry Forums at
    (Read the ones from onthelowlow, he says he was at the meeting where they confirmed an LTE iPhone would be announced at WWDC)

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    Nothing is impossible but....
    1) Apple has an exclusive contract with AT&T. I don't think that will change.
    2) Although Apple will be producing a CDMA version it will be TS-CDMA not CDMA-2000 (although AT&T and the rest of the world uses W-CDMA no one actually calls it CDMA). If the rumours are to be believed Apple will already be producing 6 models (2 sizes on 3G, 3g/3.75G and TS-CDMA) I don't think they'll produce another version just for Verizon.

    I would be very surprised if this rumour was true.
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    They cant/wont break their deal with ATT. That would be a major lawsuit and loss of profit.

    I find it rather funny that Apple went to Verizon first...before ATT....and Verizon wouldnt agree to their terms so then they went to ATT, now Verizon is like "Crap, we screwed up."

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